Which Metal Disintegrator Should you Choose for your Application?

Electro Arc metal disintegrator applications are valuable across industries. Learn more about how investing in a metal disintegrator can save your company time and money for the life of your business. Electro Arc metal disintegrators are known to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Electro Arc metal disintegrators were developed as a solution for an aircraft manufacturer to remove broken bolts quickly and preserve expensive parts. Trusted by the US government since the 1950s, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are mentioned in a publication from the United States Navy Training Course Handbook in 1954 as an alternative method to remove broken studs, taps, reamers, and other broken tooling.   Tap disintegrators are mentioned again in the Machinery and Repair book from 1981. Electro Arc metal disintegrators such as the AC portable model 2-SB are used in Military applications to repair submarines and aircraft. This machine is specifically designed to fit through circular bulkhead openings of submarines and vessels. You can use these machines to disintegrate broken tooling on hangar doors, propulsion, and machinery. Having one of these machines on board your craft will provide your maintenance staff with a powerful solution for quick repairs to keep you on schedule. Portable Metal Disintegrators for use in Small Spaces, and Off-Road Applications: You may prefer a Portable Metal Disintegrator in your small shop or for use in a confined space. You can easily move these machines directly to the workpiece, Models like the 2-S and 2-SB are equipped with the Arc-er disintegrating head, which you can chuck up to  your machine tools such as a drill press or lathe. Choose the model 3-S as a cost-effective option for infrequent use.  You can use these models to disintegrate 3/4 inch tooling. The portable model 2-SQT offers you the same portability as the model 2-S with the heavy-duty IQ precision disintegrating head. Use the IQ disintegrating head for a large variety of tap sizes. You can disintegrate 0-80″ up to two inches with our 20 KVA option. The DC portable model X-1 is popular in mining,  and may appeal to you for use if you have an Electric company or need to perform wind turbine repair. You can easily equip a service truck with this model and use a generator for repairs to off-road vehicles as well. https://youtu.be/2Bpu0RkwcUE Tabletop Metal Disintegrators for Applications from Die repair to Production Maintenance: For larger parts, AC or DC tabletop models offer a range of tabletop sizes, the option of the Arc-er or IQ disintegrating heads for AC models, and the standard or short Servo head for DC models. Tabletop models are convenient if you would like to bring your broken tooling to the disintegrator or want to have a dedicated location for disintegrating. Our largest standard tabletop allows you to put up to 8000 pounds on it. The tabletop model 1-SVQT is a popular option for aerospace companies to remove broken tooling from production parts and prototypes alike. From larger shops to production facilities, these tabletop models offer a large range of applications. Craft manufacturers for air and sea find our metal disintegrators to be the quickest way to remove broken bolts that occur in the new ship assembly process. If you produce large ships, submarines, aircraft, or aerospace vehicles, replacement parts are not likely to be budgeted into your product. The fast removal of broken drills, reamers, etc, is a key component to maintaining production schedules. Recommended in the 1954 edition of BuDecks Technical Digest No. 41, Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are suggested for use in Manufacturing to preserve expensive castings by removing broken dies, taps, and drills while preserving the surrounding metal. Repair Engines and offer Broken Bolt Removal Services in your shop: An article published in Popular Hotrodding in 1983 illustrates how Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are an asset to machine shops and mechanics alike for removing damaged bolts from engine parts without damage to the engine components. Your Machine shop can offer bolt extraction services removing a large range of broken tooling sizes ranging from .080 all the way up to 2 inches. Car manufacturing companies and repair shops alike use portable metal disintegrators as a key component in their facilities. You will want to choose the Bolt Eater for removal of 1/2 inch and larger bolts.  This machine was used by Sci-tech Engineering services for mobile metal disintegration services.  It was also mentioned in the 1986 issue of NASA Tech Briefs.  This machine gives you the ability to machine fully hardened materials including high-tensile steels.  You can cut different hole shapes with special-order graphite electrodes.  The body of your workpiece will be unaffected by thermal stresses due to the water coolant. Popular applications for the Bolt Eater include: a) Power (Nuclear, fossil fuel and gas)Example: Seized stud removal from the underside of a steam turbine inceptor valve. Also used to remove seized dowels from a gas turbine castingb)On & Off Shore Oil Rigs Example: Removed seized bolts from anchor winches of a drilling rigc) Oil Refineriesd) Mining (Heavy Trucks and carbide buttons)e) Marine (diesel, steam, submarine)Example: Machined high chrome studs from a turbine casting.  Also used to remove sheared diesel engine cylinder head studs. You can also use the Bolt Eater to obtain core samples, for example, this metal disintegrator was used to remove a 1.5″ diameter metallurgical core sample from a suspect weld on a boiler steam header. Regardless of your application, one thing is for sure, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are your best solution for prompt results. Your production facility can maintain strict work schedules by reducing downtime related to broken bolts and screws. These machines are known to last more than a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Companies generally report recouping the cost of their machine in one year. Companies that lose thousands of dollars related to broken tooling have reported recouping the cost in a day! You can rely on Electro Arc to support your machine for its lifetime with consumables, service, repair, and technical support.

Vote for Stillion Industries in the 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan Contest

UPDATED: 10/10//22As a special treat for our 75th Anniversary, we were included in the round one voting for the 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan contest. We are so grateful to all of you that voted for us because we made it to round 2!  Our Metal Disintegrators are among the 10 coolest things made in Michigan. We didn’t make it into the top 3 for the contest this year, but we will try again next year. We were nominated in 2020 but didn’t make it to the second round. We were recently accepted as a member of Proud to Manufacture in Michigan, which is a wonderful campaign designed to support manufacturing in Michigan.   It is really cool to see Michigan returning to its reputation for manufacturing and to be part of that movement. Shop local and Made in the USA were a big deal in the history of this country.  After Covid, supporting local businesses seems to be more important to customers once again.  Electro Arc metal disintegrating machines have always been Made in Michigan.  As we celebrate our 75 anniversary with Stillion Industries’ 50th anniversary, we have learned more about the history of Electro Arc and the evolution of these metal disintegrating machines.  This product line has expanded from 3 to over 40 different models and the acquisition of competing companies proves these machines are high quality and high value. The community is such a big part of support, without other local businesses, our staff, and our customers, success would not be possible.  Thanks to those of you who voted for Stillion Industries in this year’s Coolest thing Made in Michigan contest. Round one of the contest ended October 7, 2022.  While we made it into the Top 10 Coolest things Made in Michigan, we’ll have to try again for the top 3 spot. Why are Electro Arc Metal disintegrators the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan? The EDM technology that makes metal disintegration machining (MDM) possible was created in part by the founder of Electro Arc.  EDM has evolved to the point that most people are familiar with the concept, but it was a very new technology in 1947 when we started to sell these machines. You may not know that Metal disintegration machines are tools that remove broken bolts, taps, screws, drills, and other fasteners fast!  You can disintegrate out this broken tooling in minutes while preserving the thread and saving your part – not to mention money! These machines are portable and require no training to use.  We make a model for every application including DC machines like our Bolt Eater which can remove 2” and larger bolts. These machines can disintegrate at any angle and come with a variety of options, allowing you to customize your machine. The US Navy has been a long-time user of our metal disintegrating machines on their submarines.

Using a Metal Disintegrator for Off Road Applications

Heavy-duty equipment and machinery is classified as “off-road”, these massive vehicles are necessary for development, as a key component of infrastructure, things must be moved and lifted quickly and accurately.  Excavation for development or discovery sends us miles into the earth to discover and build. Innovation is upon us and we rely on off-road machinery like dump trucks, excavators, and cranes to take us there. When using off-road equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields you need high-quality, long-lasting, and powerful tools to keep your machines running.  Tabletop Metal Disintegrators are great for Large Parts: You can use our large tabletop metal disintegrators to remove broken taps and drills in engine blocks, heads, and power trains. Besides broken tooling, broken 10MM (3/8″) exhaust manifold studs are disintegrated and the old threads are cleaned in three and a half minutes. You will want to use our largest tabletop metal disintegrators for jobs like these. The model H-K6VQT (referred to as the “Tap Zapper” in the past) features our IQ head which can handle small and up to 2 inch/50 mm diameter in one pass.  Standard with a 30-inch workspace you can request a custom tabletop. The model HK-10QT also features the IQ head and comes with a 20 KVA power supply for extra power.  The huge table is 46 by 25 inches and has a capacity of 8000 pounds with customizable table options as well. The Auto-Feed feature allows for hands-free operation and minimal electrode consumption for long-lasting use. and the ultimate 10SG are often used Our Portable metal disintegrator unit line includes 2SQT which can be used to remove large and small broken taps and bolts in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for extremely large castings like the arms of bulldozers or radiator housings on the D10. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators are a tool for you to reduce waste. Remove broken taps and drills in minutes with little effort while leaving the original hole and threads intact. The Electro Arc process: Use our durable Metal disintegrators to remove broken rear wheel studs from large dump trucks quickly. Save customers thousands of dollars in just a few minutes with the Electro Arc process.  Clients like Bobcat, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar and John Deere have experienced the benefits of our metal disintegrators for off-road applications

How does Electro Arc Hold Up to the Competition?

When it comes to competition, no other metal disintegrator manufacturer has the expertise or experience that Electro Arc has as the first and oldest metal disintegrator Manufacturer in the world. Learn more about the history of Electro Arc’s history with EDM. In 2022 Electro Arc is celebrating 75 years. Many metal disintegrator manufacturers have come and gone over the years, quite a few of those companies were purchased by Electro Arc. Electro Arc is the only company to offer both AC and DC power options for our metal disintegration machines. In 2004, when we purchased Uni-Tek we began offering DC machines, including the Bolt Eater, our most powerful portable metal disintegrator. DC metal disintegrators are a must for your broken carbide tooling!  Our Metal disintegration machine design is durable enough to last for generations and simple enough to be used without any special instruction. As we celebrate 75 years we have been on a mission to find the oldest working Electro Arc machine. So far, the oldest working Electro Arc machine is from 1951, do you have an older machine? What are the Differences between Electro Arc and other metal disintegrator manufacturers? With over 40 models to choose from our selection far exceeds the competition. You will easily find a machine that fits your needs by using our new machine builder. This feature takes you through the steps of choosing the perfect metal disintegrator for your application! With machines that last a lifetime, you know what to expect. We continue to support all used machines for both Electro Arc and Uni-tek models to help you repair and refurbish your old machines. You will find other metal disintegration machines may have a disintegration head smaller than ours.  The smaller design may initially be appealing for certain applications. The swivel head you get with these machines does not allow for the level of precision you get with an Electro Arc machine.  Our disintegrating heads are specialized with an electro-mechanical system providing precision and a long-lasting head. These heads can be used at any angle and provide a smooth and accurate feed.  Unlike competitors’ air-driven heads, our disintegrating heads are not susceptible to corrosion caused by foreign partials and moisture. Additionally, these machines do not meet the same time standards we provide for our metal disintegration results and users tend to be disappointed that they are not long-lasting machines. As with most machines, this specialty tool is heavy-duty equipment. Electro Arc metal disintegrators weigh a lot and have multiple components.  That’s why every one of our Metal disintegrators is portable. We market our machines in two categories – portable and tabletop. Even with a tabletop model, you get a heavy-duty cart designed to house all of the components as the cabinet for your machine. Easily store your collets and Electrodes in our drawer or cabinet.  Competitors may provide a hand cart, but not one designed for the machine tooling and provisions, thus making moving the machine cumbersome. Since Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc, we have continued to improve the design of Electro Arc metal disintegrators by offering necessary changes to continue to support your older models as well as provide the reliable metal disintegrators you expect when you purchase a new Electro Arc machine.

Maintain the Highest Quality with Metal Disintegrators in Space Applications

When it comes to Aerospace accuracy is essential.  You can count on our metal disintegrators to deliver accuracy in your industrial applications with aerospace production. Aerospace organizations may conduct research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and spacecraft.  The Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the largest consumers of aerospace products in the United States.  Due to strict guidelines, parts and repairs must be certified for use.  Electro Arc has experience with government contracts and all of our products meet the highest guidelines. Bolts and nuts may fail in aerospace applications due to a variety of factors. Higher-strength bolts which are harder, tend to be more susceptible to failure. Fatigue, fractures, and cracks can lead to bolt failure causing bolts to break. Vibration fatigue, corrosion, and fretting wear can result from temperature swings and load transmissions in the normal operation of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. As a time-sensitive and in-demand industry, there is no question why companies in these industries would want an Electro Arc metal disintegrator to assist with the replacement and repairs of broken bolt issues. If you are Manufacturing parts and equipment in the aerospace industry, you are producing massive vessels. When it comes to building space vehicles, airplanes, guided missiles,  propulsion units, and aircraft engines precision, quality, and consistency are required. Maintain the highest quality level by removing broken drills, taps, and rivets from production parts such as engines, wings, and landing gear with ease and speed. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators will assist you in generating less scrap and sticking to your stringent timelines.  You will find Electro Arc metal disintegrators essential in maintaining your production equipment and aircraft by removing broken rivets and distorted or frozen bolts in minutes. You will probably prefer our Electro Arc model 2-S portable metal disintegrator for use in aerospace applications. Equipped with the mini-magnetic fixture it is perfect for use in hard-to-reach places. When you need maximum portable power, our newest model the Bolt Eater perfect for general purposes. Use this heavy-duty metal disintegrator to remove broken large drills, bolts, taps, and more on your production parts and prototypes. Electro Arc Manufacturing has a history of working with NASA, North West Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Boeing.

Now Shop Ames and Electro Arc products in one place

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase Ames and Electro Arc products in the same place!  As an alternative to our Amestesters.com and ElectroArc.com websites, you may now purchase both Ames and Electro Arc products directly from Stillion Industries’ website!  We have updated our website and we have also included an online store, making it more convenient for you to purchase from us. Not Sure if you Need a Standard or Superficial hardness Tester? https://youtu.be/U4PF1H55n60 You can purchase everything from our limited edition Ames portable hardness tester in its original wood box to the accessories for your Electro Arc metal disintegrator including a new Arc-er Head. Last year we sold the first refurbished Electro Arc metal disintegrator. A model 2-SE metal disintegrator was purchased and upgraded to the model 2-SEQT.   We may offer refurbished metal disintegrators in the future. We are stillloffering a limited amount of the Ames model 1 testers in the original wood box.  Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!  Ames portable hardness testers have been made by Electro Arc since the company was purchased in 1975, now owned by Stillion Industries these testers are made 99% in our machine shop and are assembled and tested right here in Dexter Michigan.  While you cannot purchase calibration or repair services online, you can reach out to our staff via chat or form through this website or our respective websites for each product line. Why are we selling a refurbished machine online?  At Stillion Industries, we understand that not every shop that needs a metal disintegrator can afford to purchase a new one, we also understand that sometimes you need a metal disintegrator quickly.  You can purchase this fully refurbished machine, only used twice by its original owner for a fraction of the cost of a new one and we will ship it as soon as you pay.   Shop Ames Shop Electro Arc Standard Portable Rockwell Testers 8 products Electro Arc Accessories 81 products Purchase Ames testers, test blocks, penetrators, and other Ames portable hardness products with Electro Arc products like coolant splash bags and magnetic pick sets together in the same cart. Rest easy that you are purchasing products made in Michigan from Stillion Industries. Check out the Model 2-SE below:

Stillion Industries one-time conversion for your disintegrating head

Did you know that Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc in 2019?  As you can imagine, with any new company purchasing another company there are a lot of new things to do and know.  The name Electro Arc is known worldwide as the world’s best metal disintegrator manufacturer.  This is because of the sturdy design long-lasting nature of this machine.  As with any good thing, we have made necessary improvements to the Electro Arc product line since we have taken over as the manufacturer.  We have created new boards for our Auto-Feed feature and we have been researching to design our own pump to replace the pump we use in the machine since this machine has been hard to find since we took over. Due to supply chain issues, we replaced a connector used in the vibration of your Arc-er disintegrating head.  This new part can be easily replaced and we provide detailed instructions to walk you through the process of upgrading your machine.  The new part number is A6113, for connector assembly, panel mount, Arc-er or Servo head vibration.  We will detail these instructions for you below, please read and understand them before you attempt any changes.  Do not make an attempt to make this modification if you are unclear or do not understand the instructions.  Consult with a licensed electrician if needed. 15 Steps to Install the New Pigtail Adapter For Your Disintegrating Head: Step 1 Turn off your machine. Step 2 Disconnect power from the machine (refer to your company’s procedure for lock out tag out if needed.) Step 3 Locate the ROUND 2 PIN connector on the back of your machine.  Note: your machine may have more or less connection points than the picture below.  There should only be a single two-pin connector. Step 4 Remove the Allen drive button head screws on the outer edges of the back panel of the machine.   Step 5 Locate the two wires on the back side of the existing panel mount connector.  Note: wire colors may vary based on the age of your machine. Step 6 Cut each wire roughly 2″ away from the existing connector. Step 7 Unscrew the nut and lock washer from the back panel to remove your old connector. Step 8 Insert the new connector into the existing hole and mark the 4 mounting holes. Step 9 Drill 4 places with a 9/64″ (3.6mm) drill bit.  A center punch may help keep the drill bit on location. Step 10 Install the 4 screws from the front face of the back panel and place a washer, then lock the washer and nut over the screw.  DO NOT overtighten, this will crack the plastic on the new connector. Step 11 Strip back the wires from the hardness inside the machine cabinet. Step 12 Connect the wires from the connector to the wires from the harness.  Polarity or color coordination does not matter for this.  A number of methods can be used so long as both wires are properly insulated from each other and from the machine cabinet. Step 13 Reinstall the back panel of your machine using the button head screws.  Use caution to ensure no wires are pinched during reinstallation. Step 14 Connect the vibration cord end from the Arc-er Head to the new panel mount connector. Step 15 Reconnect power to the machine.  Consult your company’s lock out tag out procedure if needed. If you have any questions about the installation of this new pigtail assembly, please contact Cody for Technical support on Electro Arc’s main line, his extension is 105, or email crobbins@electroarc.com

Why you need a metal disintegrator in Manufacturing

General manufacturing covers all goods made in production for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing.  This field including hand-crafted and high-tech production is most commonly associated with industrial design which consists of raw materials from the primary sector of the economy being transformed into finished goods. Manufacturing of industrial goods internationally is an aggressive market. The state of the financial market and availability and condition of raw materials dictate how the manufacturing industry will perform annually. Manufacturers who compete on a global scale must maintain optimal output while reducing any halt in their assembly in addition to meeting expectations for price and quality of goods. You can use Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators to repair and maintain your equipment and parts with minimal output of leftover material. Remove broken taps and drills quickly and efficiently, leaving the original hole and threads intact every time.  Use your Metal disintegrator in production maintenance, and repair your equipment by removing taps and drills in minutes. Electro Arc Portable AC model 2-S Metal Disintegrator: A variety of Electro Arc models may be suitable for your application in general manufacturing. Our model 2-SE tabletop metal disintegrator has a single-arm superstructure and a moderate 457 x 457MM (18″ x 18″) worktop. Just like our model 2-S with a small tabletop and cross-arm to provide you with a mobile work surface for small parts.   Standard with the Arc-er disintegrating head, you can upgrade to the IQ head on our model 2-SQT for larger range. Alternatively, you may prefer the fingertip controls and ease of head positioning which allows for quick setup with our Model 2-DVQT which features a vertical-plane double barrel superstructure for rigidity and an 813MM x 813MM (32″ x 32″) worktop. Portable models like the 2-S are attractive in many workplace conditions which have limited space.  You will find the portable models provide the customizable power and execution you need in a compact and portable unit. You can mount the head on your Bridgeport, drill press, lathe or even a mill in a flash. The Electro Arc Model 2-S can be used with a CNC machine, Bridgeport, directly on your workpiece, with a radial drill or lathe. Past clients of Electro Arc Manufacturing Company were Sandvik, a multinational engineering group. With operations in tooling systems including metal cutting, and Also providing technical solutions in mining and rock excavation.  Whemco, a worldwide supplier of heavy industrial components for power generation, mining, metals, and the shipbuilding industries. As well as the Timken Company, a global industrial leader in engineering bearings, and power transmission product brands.

The birth of Metal Disintegrators by Electro Arc

As Stillion Industries and Electro Arc celebrate dual anniversaries, a lot of research has exposed historic information about our Electro Arc line of metal disintegrators and the company. An accidental discovery of carbide impregnation through EDM had been untapped in the metalworking industry despite the discovery in the 1940s because it was such a new process operator error was leading to problems. Electro Arc was one of the pioneering companies that changed the market by developing their line of Metal disintegrators.  Through the use of carbide impregnation, great success was found with use on hard metals such as drills, lathe turning tools, and taps. In July of 1971, Electro Arc’s carbide-impregnating machine was mentioned by the Machinery magazine discussing the promise of carbide impregnation.  The article mentions Spalding using the Electro Arc model F-5 machine to impregnate dies and punches extending the life of their tools considerably.  It also mentions a California manufacturer who recovered the cost of their machine in just two months by extending their drill life by 10 times. Electro Arc Carbide impregnation throwback (above) Since then Electro Arc discontinued machines like the F-5 in favor of the Metal disintegration line their reputation in the industry is long-lasting.  As the original maker of metal disintegrators, machines like the Electro Arc Model HK6VQT continue to offer the largest table model machine and heavy-duty superstructure available with heavy-duty power, and auto-feed for the fastest cutting disintegrator with increased machine operator productivity.  With innovation and efficiency, the line of metal disintegrators has grown to include over 40 models with an option to custom-build your machine and lots of accessory choices. Electro Arc Model HK 6VQT Metal Disintegrator This Electro Arc disintegrator will pierce any material that will conduct electricity and produce holes of any shape from .010 and larger.  The Electro Arc patented metal disintegrator design features maximum disintegrating power for the highest cutting speed.  No special skill is required to operate the metal disintegrators.  These built-to-last machines are still serving customers from over 50 years ago! See an Introduction to Electro Arc Portable Metal Disintegrators Below: