The evolution of Stillion Industries Machine Shop:

Stillion industries opened its doors in 1972 when founder Chuck Stillion became the sole owner after his partner left the business.  Stillion Industries was located in Ann Arbor, MI just off of Jackson Road on Dino drive for over 30 years.

Chuck’s son Keith started in the business with him at a very early age and then purchased the business when Chuck retired in 2006.  He has grown his father’s business since by purchasing Dexter Manufacturing in 2013 and then moved both locations to a new facility in 2014.  Stillion Industries and Dexter manufacturing are now at the same location in an 8750-square-foot facility at 2055 N. Lima Center road in Dexter, Michigan.  Our company-owned complex of buildings totaling just over 30,000 square feet gives us the ability for measured growth and to meet the expanding needs of our customers.

Stillion Industries and Electro Arc Manufacturing join forces:

Keith expanded the company once again in July of 2019 when he purchased a long-time client Electro Arc.  With the merger, we have welcomed the Electro Arc family and products to our current location.  

The Electro Arc Manufacturing Company started in Detroit in Michigan in 1947 and moved to Ann Arbor Michigan in 1948.  The property at Geddes Road was known as “The Castle” a former property of Harry Bennett’s.  With their patent on the AC Metal disintegrator, they are the first to manufacture the AC Metal disintegrator which now includes over 40 machine options. In 1975 The Ames precision portable hardness tester was added to Electro Arc manufacturing.  Both of these product lines are now produced by Stillion Industries. All Stillion Industry products are made in Michigan.  Stillion Industries celebrates 50 years as a machine shop in 2019.

A look back through time:

Stillion Industries Media Mentions:

in 1992, Stilllion industries was listed in the newspaper for special commercial account rebates.

In 1989 Stillion Indstrs was listed as one of the contributors for a new fire ladder in Chelsea Michigan.


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