As Stillion Industries and Electro Arc celebrate dual anniversaries, a lot of research has exposed historic information about our Electro Arc line of metal disintegrators and the company.

An accidental discovery of carbide impregnation through EDM had been untapped in the metalworking industry despite the discovery in the 1940s because it was such a new process operator error was leading to problems. Electro Arc was one of the pioneering companies that changed the market by developing their line of Metal disintegrators.  Through the use of carbide impregnation, great success was found with use on hard metals such as drills, lathe turning tools, and taps.

In July of 1971, Electro Arc’s carbide-impregnating machine was mentioned by the Machinery magazine discussing the promise of carbide impregnation.  The article mentions Spalding using the Electro Arc model F-5 machine to impregnate dies and punches extending the life of their tools considerably.  It also mentions a California manufacturer who recovered the cost of their machine in just two months by extending their drill life by 10 times.

Electro Arc Carbide impregnation throwback (above)

Since then Electro Arc discontinued machines like the F-5 in favor of the Metal disintegration line their reputation in the industry is long-lasting.  As the original maker of metal disintegrators, machines like the Electro Arc Model HK6VQT continue to offer the largest table model machine and heavy-duty superstructure available with heavy-duty power, and auto-feed for the fastest cutting disintegrator with increased machine operator productivity.  With innovation and efficiency, the line of metal disintegrators has grown to include over 40 models with an option to custom-build your machine and lots of accessory choices.

Electro Arc Model HK 6VQT Metal Disintegrator

This Electro Arc disintegrator will pierce any material that will conduct electricity and produce holes of any shape from .010 and larger.  The Electro Arc patented metal disintegrator design features maximum disintegrating power for the highest cutting speed.  No special skill is required to operate the metal disintegrators.  These built-to-last machines are still serving customers from over 50 years ago!

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