When it comes to competition, no other metal disintegrator manufacturer has the expertise or experience that Electro Arc has as the first and oldest metal disintegrator Manufacturer in the world. Learn more about the history of Electro Arc’s history with EDM. In 2022 Electro Arc is celebrating 75 years. Many metal disintegrator manufacturers have come and gone over the years, quite a few of those companies were purchased by Electro Arc.

Electro Arc is the only company to offer both AC and DC power options for our metal disintegration machines. In 2004, when we purchased Uni-Tek we began offering DC machines, including the Bolt Eater, our most powerful portable metal disintegrator. DC metal disintegrators are a must for your broken carbide tooling!  Our Metal disintegration machine design is durable enough to last for generations and simple enough to be used without any special instruction. As we celebrate 75 years we have been on a mission to find the oldest working Electro Arc machine. So far, the oldest working Electro Arc machine is from 1951, do you have an older machine?

What are the Differences between Electro Arc and other metal disintegrator manufacturers?

With over 40 models to choose from our selection far exceeds the competition. You will easily find a machine that fits your needs by using our new machine builder. This feature takes you through the steps of choosing the perfect metal disintegrator for your application! With machines that last a lifetime, you know what to expect. We continue to support all used machines for both Electro Arc and Uni-tek models to help you repair and refurbish your old machines.

You will find other metal disintegration machines may have a disintegration head smaller than ours.  The smaller design may initially be appealing for certain applications. The swivel head you get with these machines does not allow for the level of precision you get with an Electro Arc machine.  Our disintegrating heads are specialized with an electro-mechanical system providing precision and a long-lasting head. These heads can be used at any angle and provide a smooth and accurate feed.  Unlike competitors’ air-driven heads, our disintegrating heads are not susceptible to corrosion caused by foreign partials and moisture. Additionally, these machines do not meet the same time standards we provide for our metal disintegration results and users tend to be disappointed that they are not long-lasting machines.

This broken bolt was removed in less than 2 minutes

As with most machines, this specialty tool is heavy-duty equipment. Electro Arc metal disintegrators weigh a lot and have multiple components.  That’s why every one of our Metal disintegrators is portable. We market our machines in two categories – portable and tabletop. Even with a tabletop model, you get a heavy-duty cart designed to house all of the components as the cabinet for your machine. Easily store your collets and Electrodes in our drawer or cabinet.  Competitors may provide a hand cart, but not one designed for the machine tooling and provisions, thus making moving the machine cumbersome.

Since Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc, we have continued to improve the design of Electro Arc metal disintegrators by offering necessary changes to continue to support your older models as well as provide the reliable metal disintegrators you expect when you purchase a new Electro Arc machine.