Southeast Michigan Machine shop

Stillion Industries is a small machine shop in Southeast Michigan.  We are located on the edge of Chelsea Michigan on the way to Dexter.  Our office staff consists of the President of the company, Keith Stillion, and office staff for purchasing, order processing, Quality control and Marketing, and sales.  Our shop staff consists of Machinists and support staff as well as Ames Portable Hardness Tester technicians and Electro Arc engineering, and electrical staff.  We also have molybdenum electrode production onsite.

Stillion Industries is a 24000 square foot building on a 50000 square foot property.  We service local customers with our machining services. See our service page for more information on the machines we run daily and the machining services we provide.   Since purchasing Electro Arc in 2019, We provide calibration and repair services for Ames Hardness Testers and our machine shop produces new portable hardness testers which are available for sale.  These testers are machined and assembled onsite.  We also offer repair and refurbishing services for Electro Arc metal disintegrating machines, including Uni-Tek machines.  We manufacture new metal disintegrators which are custom built per client.  

Stillion Industries has been improving Electro Arc machines through research and development.  Unavailable or discontinued parts led us to redesign the boards for the Autofeed feature available with metal disintegrating heads.  This expensive process allowed us to continue offering this popular option.  We have also been researching efficiency for a new pump for the Electro Arc metal disintegrators.  This is one of the most common elements that needs to be replaced in an Electro Arc metal disintegrator that has been left unused for an extended period of time.  Storing these machines with coolant in the tank ruins the tank and pump.  Improving the design can lend itself to the life of these machines and allow us to save costs in production.  Another upgrade Stillion Industries made to the metal disintegrators was an adapter necessary when a part became unavailable for the disintegrating heads.  Now each new machine features this modification and old machine owners purchasing new disintegrating heads will need to use this upgrade.

The Stillion family has run Stillion Industries since 1971 and Keith Stillion has expanded the business since taking over in 2014.    We have 3 shop cats onsite which provide rodent control services.  Our first shop cat Shadow recently returned to the shop after disappearing for 7 months.  In the meantime, we brought in two kittens which Shadow was not happy to find in her home when she returned.  Ames and Electro are brothers who represent our new products.  They provide inspection services and are learning to hunt from Shadow.