When it comes to Aerospace accuracy is essential.  You can count on our metal disintegrators to deliver accuracy in your industrial applications with aerospace production.

Aerospace organizations may conduct research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and spacecraft.  The Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the largest consumers of aerospace products in the United States.  Due to strict guidelines, parts and repairs must be certified for use.  Electro Arc has experience with government contracts and all of our products meet the highest guidelines.

Bolts and nuts may fail in aerospace applications due to a variety of factors. Higher-strength bolts which are harder, tend to be more susceptible to failure. Fatigue, fractures, and cracks can lead to bolt failure causing bolts to break. Vibration fatigue, corrosion, and fretting wear can result from temperature swings and load transmissions in the normal operation of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. As a time-sensitive and in-demand industry, there is no question why companies in these industries would want an Electro Arc metal disintegrator to assist with the replacement and repairs of broken bolt issues.

If you are Manufacturing parts and equipment in the aerospace industry, you are producing massive vessels. When it comes to building space vehicles, airplanes, guided missiles,  propulsion units, and aircraft engines precision, quality, and consistency are required. Maintain the highest quality level by removing broken drills, taps, and rivets from production parts such as engines, wings, and landing gear with ease and speed. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators will assist you in generating less scrap and sticking to your stringent timelines.  You will find Electro Arc metal disintegrators essential in maintaining your production equipment and aircraft by removing broken rivets and distorted or frozen bolts in minutes.

You will probably prefer our Electro Arc model 2-S portable metal disintegrator for use in aerospace applications. Equipped with the mini-magnetic fixture it is perfect for use in hard-to-reach places. When you need maximum portable power, our newest model the Bolt Eater perfect for general purposes. Use this heavy-duty metal disintegrator to remove broken large drills, bolts, taps, and more on your production parts and prototypes.

Electro Arc Manufacturing has a history of working with NASA, North West Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Boeing.