All Electro Arc Metal disintegrators sold new come with a one-year warranty.  Although we have upgraded our machines’ look, the design has been virtually the same since we originally patented and began producing the Electro Arc line of over 40 AC and DC metal disintegrators.  Our machines are built to last and with proper maintenance and use they have proven longevity and dependability.  If you run into an issue with your metal disintegrator’s functionality, you can ship it to us for service or repair.

We are the most qualified to perform repairs or other services for your metal disintegrator machine.  Please contact us for any issues with your metal disintegrator. Repair, rebuild or refurbish your Electro Arc Carbide impregnator machine

In the 1970s Electro Arc was producing the F-5 Carbide impregnator in addition to our other machines.  Although this product has no longer been produced new by the Electro Arc company, we are continuing to offer services for anyone who has one of these machines and needs repair, refurbishing, or parts replacement.  Please reach out to us regarding your machine and the specifications of your request so that we may plan accordingly and coordinate with you to ship your machine to us.

If you are submitting a head for repair or rebuild, please send the RMA form below with your PO for services prior to sending in your head.