2020 was a difficult year for most businesses, especially in manufacturing.  Covid-19 has changed everything from how we communicate to how we work and live. Now two years later, we are still experiencing difficulty with supply chain issues and the economy has created the necessity to raise our prices. We are so appreciative of, all of our staff, community support and the ability to continue offering products and services.  We also appreciate all of you and your patience during our downtime and with delays in fulfilling orders.

While we did fall behind in production during the Covid-19 shut down we have found a new normal in meeting the needs of our customers.  The challenges we endured inspired improvements to our processes to minimize problems in the future. Another setback we experienced was problems with our websites for both Electro Arc and Ames Testers. Since then we have improved our websites and social media presence to provide you with updates and inside looks at the company and our products. We have also expanded our online shopping options to allow you to purchase accessory items for Electro Arc accessories in addition to the Ames products that have been available to purchase online for some time.

Improvements to the websites include a live chat, more resources for machine owners, and a 75-year retrospect of Electro Arc’s history. You may have also noticed our new machine builder which helps you determine which metal disintegrator can best meet your needs, allowing you to compare the 40+ custom metal disintegrator options that we offer and the advantages of those machines on Electro Arc sites.

Try the New Machine Builder to Choose the Right Metal Disintegrator for your Application!

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As you may know, the Electro Arc and Ames product lines joined our company in mid-2019.  We have since made improvements to the product lines due to the lack of availability of necessary components, obsolescence and to assist in efficiency.  We look forward to continuing to offer the reliable products associated with these brand names and producing these products in Michigan is our pride.  Stillion Industries has been offering Michigan based machine services for 50 years now, and Electro Arc products have been made in Michigan for 75 years.