All Ames harness testers are built to meet or exceed ASTM Standard E-110  Behind each signed certificate that comes with each hardness tester is an intricate process. We calibrate each hardness tester using a process involving between 70 and 100 separate readings for standard testers and several hundred separate readings for each electronic tester.

Our standard testers read in the B and C scales; the Superficial models read in the N and T scales; and the electronic models read in eight selectable scales: A, B, C, E, 15T, 30T, 15N and 30N.

Accuracy checks for your AMES Hardness Testers

All AMES Hardness Testers, whether you are using it constantly or not, require accuracy checks. You can easily check the accuracy by taking several readings on the test block. The readings on the barrel dial should agree with the marking on the test block.

You can rely on Ames Certified Test Blocks for accurate results

An important reminder, you should always apply the penetrator to the same side of the test block, on areas not marked by previous tests only. When you cannot be certain of placing the penetrator on a perfectly unaffected part of the surface, you need a new test block. Ames offers a variety of traceable, certified blocks. Ames sterilized and traceable test blocks are available in all scales.

Your Ames Hardness tester should be factory re-calibrated once a year

Stillion Industries provides calibration and repair services for testers manufactured by Electro Arc.  We also continue to manufacture new Ames portable hardness testers for purchase.  Hardness tester calibration verifies the accuracy of your hardness tester.  Please contact us for repair or calibration service for your tester.

7 Things you can expect when your Ames Hardness tester is re-calibrated or repaired:

  • The tester will be disassembled
  • A complete cleaning of tester
  • Visual and mechanical inspection of the tester and accessories
  • Part replacement*
  • All scales calibrated as required by customer
  • Running hardness tests on certified hardness test blocks
  • Traceable calibration to NIST standards

* You will be notified of the condition of the tester and any potential issues so that you can make a decision regarding the repair. We make every effort to expedite all calibration and repair services. Please note, We do charge a $150 non-refundable repair evaluation fee. This fee will be applied to your repairs. Be sure to check if your tester is eligible for repair.