Machine shop services

Machine shop services

We are equipped with conventional machines, knee mills, and machine centers to provide services you need. Services range from one prototype part to long term production

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Ames Portable Hardness Testers

Ames Portable Hardness Testers

We provide calibration and repair services for your Ames Portable Hardness Testers, just send your tester in and we will let you know the cost!

Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

Build a metal disintegrator to suit your needs, we offer over 40 custom options for you to choose from!

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What Type of Machining Does Stillion Industries Do?

Stillion Industries specializes in a variety of machining processes, including CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and honing. also offering you services such as prototyping, production runs, and custom machining. Machining Manufacturing uses the method of removing material to achieve your desired form. Using a variety of machines, several operations and your specified material we are able to provide you with the parts you need.  This is accomplished through a combination of manual and CNC machining processes. Long Term production – Long-term production machining refers to the process of producing large quantities of machined parts over an extended period of time, typically weeks, months, or even years. This type of machining is often used for high-volume manufacturing of parts that require a high degree of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability. Steps to Producing New Parts:

Stillion Industries Welcomes Brand New Haas VF4

Stillion Industries is Upgrading our Machines Stillion Industries has added a lot of new machines to our shop over the last year. First, our old Okuma was replaced with a smaller version, the Spaceturn which had been in storage while we reorganized our floor layout and arranged for the sale of the old machine. Then we welcomed new used machines in two batches from a shop that closed down in the area.  This included our large boring mill and a large lathe.  In the second set of machines, we added 3 used Okuma mills, a mid-size boring mill, as well as several grinders to our collection. Most recently we were excited to welcome a brand new Haas VF4 to improve our efficiency and workload.  Now that we have owned Electro Arc for 3 years, the production of parts for the Electro Arc and Ames product lines has increased.  More machines allow us to make more parts for our internal needs as well as continue to offer machining services to existing customers. Now that the new machine has arrived, we are looking forward to getting it set up for operation.  The increased capabilities will allow us to complete jobs more quickly.

Which Metal Disintegrator Should you Choose for your Application?

Electro Arc metal disintegrator applications are valuable across industries. Learn more about how investing in a metal disintegrator can save your company time and money for the life of your business. Electro Arc metal disintegrators are known to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Electro Arc metal disintegrators were developed as a solution for an aircraft manufacturer to remove broken bolts quickly and preserve expensive parts. Trusted by the US government since the 1950s, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are mentioned in a publication from the United States Navy Training Course Handbook in 1954 as an alternative method to remove broken studs, taps, reamers, and other broken tooling.   Tap disintegrators are mentioned again in the Machinery and Repair book from 1981. Electro Arc metal disintegrators such as the AC portable model 2-SB are used in Military applications to repair submarines and aircraft. This machine is specifically designed to fit through circular bulkhead openings of submarines and vessels. You can use these machines to disintegrate broken tooling on hangar doors, propulsion, and machinery. Having one of these machines on board your craft will provide your maintenance staff with a powerful solution for quick repairs to keep you on schedule. Portable Metal Disintegrators for use in Small Spaces, and Off-Road Applications: You may prefer a Portable Metal Disintegrator in your small shop or for use in a confined space. You can easily move these machines directly to the workpiece, Models like the 2-S and 2-SB are equipped with the Arc-er disintegrating head, which you can chuck up to  your machine tools such as a drill press or lathe. Choose the model 3-S as a cost-effective option for infrequent use.  You can use these models to disintegrate 3/4 inch tooling. The portable model 2-SQT offers you the same portability as the model 2-S with the heavy-duty IQ precision disintegrating head. Use the IQ disintegrating head for a large variety of tap sizes. You can disintegrate 0-80″ up to two inches with our 20 KVA option. The DC portable model X-1 is popular in mining,  and may appeal to you for use if you have an Electric company or need to perform wind turbine repair. You can easily equip a service truck with this model and use a generator for repairs to off-road vehicles as well. Tabletop Metal Disintegrators for Applications from Die repair to Production Maintenance: For larger parts, AC or DC tabletop models offer a range of tabletop sizes, the option of the Arc-er or IQ disintegrating heads for AC models, and the standard or short Servo head for DC models. Tabletop models are convenient if you would like to bring your broken tooling to the disintegrator or want to have a dedicated location for disintegrating. Our largest standard tabletop allows you to put up to 8000 pounds on it. The tabletop model 1-SVQT is a popular option for aerospace companies to remove broken tooling from production parts and prototypes alike. From larger shops to production facilities, these tabletop models offer a large range of applications. Craft manufacturers for air and sea find our metal disintegrators to be the quickest way to remove broken bolts that occur in the new ship assembly process. If you produce large ships, submarines, aircraft, or aerospace vehicles, replacement parts are not likely to be budgeted into your product. The fast removal of broken drills, reamers, etc, is a key component to maintaining production schedules. Recommended in the 1954 edition of BuDecks Technical Digest No. 41, Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are suggested for use in Manufacturing to preserve expensive castings by removing broken dies, taps, and drills while preserving the surrounding metal. Repair Engines and offer Broken Bolt Removal Services in your shop: An article published in Popular Hotrodding in 1983 illustrates how Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are an asset to machine shops and mechanics alike for removing damaged bolts from engine parts without damage to the engine components. Your Machine shop can offer bolt extraction services removing a large range of broken tooling sizes ranging from .080 all the way up to 2 inches. Car manufacturing companies and repair shops alike use portable metal disintegrators as a key component in their facilities. You will want to choose the Bolt Eater for removal of 1/2 inch and larger bolts.  This machine was used by Sci-tech Engineering services for mobile metal disintegration services.  It was also mentioned in the 1986 issue of NASA Tech Briefs.  This machine gives you the ability to machine fully hardened materials including high-tensile steels.  You can cut different hole shapes with special-order graphite electrodes.  The body of your workpiece will be unaffected by thermal stresses due to the water coolant. Popular applications for the Bolt Eater include: a) Power (Nuclear, fossil fuel and gas)Example: Seized stud removal from the underside of a steam turbine inceptor valve. Also used to remove seized dowels from a gas turbine castingb)On & Off Shore Oil Rigs Example: Removed seized bolts from anchor winches of a drilling rigc) Oil Refineriesd) Mining (Heavy Trucks and carbide buttons)e) Marine (diesel, steam, submarine)Example: Machined high chrome studs from a turbine casting.  Also used to remove sheared diesel engine cylinder head studs. You can also use the Bolt Eater to obtain core samples, for example, this metal disintegrator was used to remove a 1.5″ diameter metallurgical core sample from a suspect weld on a boiler steam header. Regardless of your application, one thing is for sure, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are your best solution for prompt results. Your production facility can maintain strict work schedules by reducing downtime related to broken bolts and screws. These machines are known to last more than a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Companies generally report recouping the cost of their machine in one year. Companies that lose thousands of dollars related to broken tooling have reported recouping the cost in a day! You can rely on Electro Arc to support your machine for its lifetime with consumables, service, repair, and technical support.

You Need a Metal Disintegrator in the Gas and Oil industry

“Black gold” the commodity our world has come to covet is extracted, refined, and transported by the oil industry providing fuel, gasoline, and petroleum a raw material used for a variety of products from pharmaceuticals to fertilizer.  Machines and facilities essential to the process of producing and distributing these materials require continual maintenance and repair to maintain equipment. Your energy company can use Electro Arc metal disintegrators to remove rusted bolts on pipeline flanges. 19MM (¾”) bolts are removed quickly without risk of damage to the hole or flange. Our metal disintegrators are used on offshore oil rigs to remove bent and frozen bolts and provide general maintenance. You can use our DC metal disintegrators like the portable model 2-SC to disintegrate carbide buttons in drill heads in 12 to 15 minutes. You can easily install new bits and re-manufactured heads once the broken bits are cleared away. Save good bits by disintegrating the material around the bit so they can be taken out and re-installed in a good head. Popular models with our gas and oil clients include the Electro Arc model 2SAC featuring the Arc-er head which has a built-in intuitive LED power indicator for a user-friendly control process.  Upgrade your power supply for larger diameter removal.  The Arc-er head can also be used with other machine tools or you can use it with one of our magnetic fixtures. The Bolt Eater is a portable disintegrator for large bolt removal.  This machine comes equipped with a permanent magnetic base with 3000 pounds of holding power, includes the servo feed for hands free use and includes a remote control. Companies like Texaco, BP, Cameron and Mobile have relied on Electro Arc metal disintegrators to get the job done.

How are Supply Chain Issues Affecting Stillion Industries?

If you have purchased machine shop services, Electro Arc metal disintegrators, or Ames Portable Hardness Testers from us this year, chances are you have noticed an increase in our prices.  Stillion Industries, being a machine shop relies on a number of supplies which have increased exponentially in cost over the last two years.  Supply chain issues have forced us to explore new avenues for sourcing raw materials and new suppliers for components we use to build our Electro Arc line of machines. As a customer of ours, you have likely experienced these cost changes yourself.  Of course, most companies across the board have raised prices regardless of the industry.  Not only has the cost of materials increased, but the wait time for those materials has become extended.  In some cases, we have had to explore new solutions for components, execute upgrades or discontinue product offerings in our Electro Arc product line. Since purchasing Electro Arc in 2019 we have upgraded the disintegrating head connector because one component was no longer available.  Our auto feed boards have also been upgraded due to the same issue with the boards used in the auto feed option.  As a result, we ended up redesigning the boards completely.  We have discontinued several of Electro Arc’s metal disintegrating models and components such as the X-2 DC portable disintegrating metal disintegrator and the pancake head which is in the process of being redesigned due to similar issues. One of the biggest challenges we have faced due to supply chain issues is the lack of availability of small but critical components for items like our transformers which are an absolute necessity to the overall machine design.  We have pursued new designs and alternative sources to continue producing these machines but it has also required continual price increases as we continue exploring development options and product revisions. We know we are not the only company experiencing these challenges and appreciate the patience of our customers as we do our best to navigate these ever-changing issues.  As the Michigan Manufacturing Association mentions in their recent article about adapting to Global Supply Chain Issues it doesn’t look like we can expect the market to correct itself swiftly.  Multiple factors contributed to the collapse of the system we were used to and continue to play a part in.

Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Our company has a special honor related to National Manufacturing day this year,  We are so excited to have been nominated in the 2020 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan this year!  Hosted by the Michigan Manufacturing association highlights the coolest products made in Michigan! Please Vote for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators National Manufacturing day is celebrated on the first Friday of October, and will fall on October 7 this year.  Manufacturing is essential to every industry aiding in every step of our daily routines.  In the United States alone, manufacturing contributed $2.33 trillion to the economy in only quarter one in 2019 according to the National Association of Manufacturers. MFG day aims to inspire education and company awareness of the essential nature of manufacturing careers.  While COVID-19 has affected the US economy and workforce, over the last four years the US has experienced the best manufacturing growth in the last 30 years. The National Association of Manufactures states that there are currently 12.75 million manufacturing workers in the United States, accounting for 8.6% of the US workforce. This demand will continue to increase over the next 10 years. As stated on the Whitehouse’s website Proclamation: “Since the founding of our Nation, Americans have been renowned for their craftsmanship and productivity. On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate our dedicated American workers who carry on this legacy, recognizing that manufacturing is a cornerstone of our economic prosperity and national security. The workmanship and ingenuity of American manufacturers make “Made in the U.S.A.” an enduring stamp of patriotism and excellence, and we will always support the men and women whose work ensures that American manufacturing is second to none.” Stillion Industries is a small manufacturing facility. Our Machine Shop provides a variety of custom made parts for a variety of industries including those deemed essential during the pandemic. Supporting local businesses and farmers, we provide essential components at fair prices. Stillion Industries manufacturers Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators We are carrying on the Electro Arc legacy by manufacturing the Electro Arc Metal disintegrator machine line including our popular portable 2-S and the heavy-duty DC-powered Bolt Eater.  Electro Arc has been building the world’s best metal disintegrators for tap and drill removal since 1947. The original AC patented process was developed by Electro Arc. The entire line of metal disintegrators aids manufacturing industries such as automotive, power, aerospace, mining and more. We also continue to manufacture the Ames Portable Hardness tester lines of products produced by Electro Arc for over 50 years.  These portable hardness testers are also a key component to a vast array of industries relying on quick and accurate results.  All of our products are handmade here in Dexter Michigan by our staff to meet the highest quality standards.  Our products have a reputation for their longevity and dependability. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to champion manufacturing in the US and the career opportunities that it can provide—especially for STEM educators and students.

Vote for Stillion Industries in the 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan Contest

UPDATED: 10/10//22As a special treat for our 75th Anniversary, we were included in the round one voting for the 2022 Coolest Thing Made in Michigan contest. We are so grateful to all of you that voted for us because we made it to round 2!  Our Metal Disintegrators are among the 10 coolest things made in Michigan. We didn’t make it into the top 3 for the contest this year, but we will try again next year. We were nominated in 2020 but didn’t make it to the second round. We were recently accepted as a member of Proud to Manufacture in Michigan, which is a wonderful campaign designed to support manufacturing in Michigan.   It is really cool to see Michigan returning to its reputation for manufacturing and to be part of that movement. Shop local and Made in the USA were a big deal in the history of this country.  After Covid, supporting local businesses seems to be more important to customers once again.  Electro Arc metal disintegrating machines have always been Made in Michigan.  As we celebrate our 75 anniversary with Stillion Industries’ 50th anniversary, we have learned more about the history of Electro Arc and the evolution of these metal disintegrating machines.  This product line has expanded from 3 to over 40 different models and the acquisition of competing companies proves these machines are high quality and high value. The community is such a big part of support, without other local businesses, our staff, and our customers, success would not be possible.  Thanks to those of you who voted for Stillion Industries in this year’s Coolest thing Made in Michigan contest. Round one of the contest ended October 7, 2022.  While we made it into the Top 10 Coolest things Made in Michigan, we’ll have to try again for the top 3 spot. Why are Electro Arc Metal disintegrators the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan? The EDM technology that makes metal disintegration machining (MDM) possible was created in part by the founder of Electro Arc.  EDM has evolved to the point that most people are familiar with the concept, but it was a very new technology in 1947 when we started to sell these machines. You may not know that Metal disintegration machines are tools that remove broken bolts, taps, screws, drills, and other fasteners fast!  You can disintegrate out this broken tooling in minutes while preserving the thread and saving your part – not to mention money! These machines are portable and require no training to use.  We make a model for every application including DC machines like our Bolt Eater which can remove 2” and larger bolts. These machines can disintegrate at any angle and come with a variety of options, allowing you to customize your machine. The US Navy has been a long-time user of our metal disintegrating machines on their submarines.

The Expansion of Stillion Industries

Stillion Industries has been in operation since the 1970s as a favorite local machine shop in Southeast Michigan.  Keith Stillion, the current owner purchased the company from his father, Chuck Stillion in 2007.  The recession led to a decrease in machining clients so Keith moved the business to his pole barn, doing what he could to save the company. Keith has fond memories of his father running the shop when he was just a teenager and was not ready to see the company’s doors close.  Keith worked full-time for Chelsea hospital while running the company out of his pole barn part-time. I am sure you can imagine the disappointment of seeing your family business close down in the midst of hard times.  With determination and a bank loan, Keith was able to save many of the machines he watched his father add to the company business over the last 30 years.  Converting his pole barn into a machine shop, he continued to run the shop as his father had all those years, servicing many of the same customers his father had. As the economy improved, so did business and Keith made a very smart business decision to purchase Dexter manufacturing when its doors were closing.  He is happy to continue providing reliable, friendly service to their customers as he always has for his own.  You may be wondering what kind of machine shop services Keith has been providing to his customers all of these years.  Services provided by Stillion Industries include turning, milling, and other services provided on the Okuma and other machines.  With the expansion of customers, Keith had two full-time employees and was ready to move the shop to a larger location.  Moving to its present location, Keith originally rented out two of the buildings in the 5 building complex.   In mid-2019 Keith changed the machine shop forever when he purchased yet another company and long-time customer  – Electro Arc manufacturing.  Electro Arc operations expanded the use of the company to all of the available buildings.  Electro Arc came with a lot of stock, and components turning Stillion Industries into a Michigan manufacturer overnight.  No longer creating just for others, Electro Arc and its two product lines became Stillion Industries’ largest clients machining 99% of the Ames portable hardness tester parts and 60% of the Electro Arc metal disintegrator components.  Additionally, Stillion Industries began making the molybdenum electrodes Electro Arc had been known for.   This addition was a huge challenge causing delays on new orders for months, a situation that was compounded when Covid hit.  Stillion Industries faced a number of other challenges in taking over Electro Arc operations, such as obsolete parts, which required research and development, staffing issues that necessitated outsourcing local contractors, and technical issues which came with lost website sales and created new service requirements. Now, having produced the Electro Arc line of metal disintegrators such as the model 2-S portable disintegrator for 3 years and producing the Ames Rockwell Portable Harness Tester operations have improved significantly.  With upgrades to our websites, you can now purchase Electro Arc accessories online as well as build a metal disintegrator to suit your needs.  All of the websites have been updated with chat features to offer better service and you will find the websites looking and operating better than before.  We published a new website in 2022, which is dedicated to providing technical assistance for metal disintegrator owners. You can rest assured that all of the products and services offered by Stillion Industries are made in Michigan.

Stillion Industries and Electro Arc 3 year update

Stillion Industries was closed down for nearly a month in 2020 due to Covid-19.  This was a huge blow to our business less than a year after purchasing Electro Arc Manufacturing, the original Metal Disintegrator manufacturer.  Based in Ann Arbor Michigan since its inception in 1947, Electro Arc has been a top US producer for metal disintegrators worldwide.  By joining forces and continuing the legacy established by Electro Arc, Stillion Industries is providing top-quality machining services and its lines of products. We are still recovering from the loss of customers, changes in supply chain, and product availability. As a local manufacturer for the Washtenaw county local community, Stillion Industries has been dedicated to supporting fellow local businesses in our 50 years of business.  We source as many items locally as possible, if not in the southeast Michigan area, then from the United States. Chuck Stillion, the founder of Stillion Industries, and Keith Stillion, the current owner are both dedicated to supporting the local community. Stillion Industries often provides discounted services to local farmers. We are grateful to our hardworking employees who have continued to work with us through this difficult transition.  We understand that many people’s lives have been changed forever and that includes the lives of our employees and owner. Long-time Electro Arc employees Tim Kinser and Doug Peterson retired in 2022. In addition to providing their line of Metal disintegrators, Stillion Industries is proud to manufacture the Ames line of portable hardness testers.  You may choose to purchase any of the Ames products online or give us a call to determine which product is best for you. Stillion Industries has been working hard to improve these products and the customer experience. This year, Stillion Industries celebrates 75 years in business and Electro Arc turns 75! In late 2021, Shadow our shop cat went missing which was very sad for all of the staff. After months, and assuming the worst, Keith agreed to get new shop cats for pest control. We welcomed two kittens into the shop in March 2022 and named them for our product lines: Ames and Electro. Much to everyone’s dismay, Shadow showed back up to work this spring and was not happy to find her little replacements. They have managed to coexist, but they are not friends (Shadow won’t allow it). You may have noticed that we have made a number of updates to our online presence in the last 3 years. The Stillion Industries website just underwent its second major redesign, both Electro Arc and Ames websites experienced some serious problems as we returned from the covid shutdown, and we hired a full-time marketing person to redesign and maintain the websites as well as manage our social media and online presence. You will notice more products available for purchase online, including Electro Arc accessories. Every website has a chat feature so you can reach out to us during our business hours. We have also added more contact forms for ease of contact online. We also added a new website as a resource for Electro Arc machine owners.

Using a Metal Disintegrator for Off Road Applications

Heavy-duty equipment and machinery is classified as “off-road”, these massive vehicles are necessary for development, as a key component of infrastructure, things must be moved and lifted quickly and accurately.  Excavation for development or discovery sends us miles into the earth to discover and build. Innovation is upon us and we rely on off-road machinery like dump trucks, excavators, and cranes to take us there. When using off-road equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields you need high-quality, long-lasting, and powerful tools to keep your machines running.  Tabletop Metal Disintegrators are great for Large Parts: You can use our large tabletop metal disintegrators to remove broken taps and drills in engine blocks, heads, and power trains. Besides broken tooling, broken 10MM (3/8″) exhaust manifold studs are disintegrated and the old threads are cleaned in three and a half minutes. You will want to use our largest tabletop metal disintegrators for jobs like these. The model H-K6VQT (referred to as the “Tap Zapper” in the past) features our IQ head which can handle small and up to 2 inch/50 mm diameter in one pass.  Standard with a 30-inch workspace you can request a custom tabletop. The model HK-10QT also features the IQ head and comes with a 20 KVA power supply for extra power.  The huge table is 46 by 25 inches and has a capacity of 8000 pounds with customizable table options as well. The Auto-Feed feature allows for hands-free operation and minimal electrode consumption for long-lasting use. and the ultimate 10SG are often used Our Portable metal disintegrator unit line includes 2SQT which can be used to remove large and small broken taps and bolts in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for extremely large castings like the arms of bulldozers or radiator housings on the D10. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators are a tool for you to reduce waste. Remove broken taps and drills in minutes with little effort while leaving the original hole and threads intact. The Electro Arc process: Use our durable Metal disintegrators to remove broken rear wheel studs from large dump trucks quickly. Save customers thousands of dollars in just a few minutes with the Electro Arc process.  Clients like Bobcat, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar and John Deere have experienced the benefits of our metal disintegrators for off-road applications