What Type of Machining Does Stillion Industries Do?

Stillion Industries specializes in a variety of machining processes, including CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and honing. also offering you services such as prototyping, production runs, and custom machining. Machining Manufacturing uses the method of removing material to achieve your desired form. Using a variety of machines, several operations and your specified material we are able to provide you with the parts you need.  This is accomplished through a combination of manual and CNC machining processes. Long Term production – Long-term production machining refers to the process of producing large quantities of machined parts over an extended period of time, typically weeks, months, or even years. This type of machining is often used for high-volume manufacturing of parts that require a high degree of accuracy, consistency, and repeatability. Steps to Producing New Parts:

Stillion Industries Welcomes Brand New Haas VF4

Stillion Industries is Upgrading our Machines https://youtu.be/M3mJxGotUgk Stillion Industries has added a lot of new machines to our shop over the last year. First, our old Okuma was replaced with a smaller version, the Spaceturn which had been in storage while we reorganized our floor layout and arranged for the sale of the old machine. Then we welcomed new used machines in two batches from a shop that closed down in the area.  This included our large boring mill and a large lathe.  In the second set of machines, we added 3 used Okuma mills, a mid-size boring mill, as well as several grinders to our collection. Most recently we were excited to welcome a brand new Haas VF4 to improve our efficiency and workload.  Now that we have owned Electro Arc for 3 years, the production of parts for the Electro Arc and Ames product lines has increased.  More machines allow us to make more parts for our internal needs as well as continue to offer machining services to existing customers. Now that the new machine has arrived, we are looking forward to getting it set up for operation.  The increased capabilities will allow us to complete jobs more quickly.