The Expansion of Stillion Industries

Stillion Industries has been in operation since the 1970s as a favorite local machine shop in Southeast Michigan.  Keith Stillion, the current owner purchased the company from his father, Chuck Stillion in 2007.  The recession led to a decrease in machining clients so Keith moved the business to his pole barn, doing what he could to save the company. Keith has fond memories of his father running the shop when he was just a teenager and was not ready to see the company’s doors close.  Keith worked full-time for Chelsea hospital while running the company out of his pole barn part-time. I am sure you can imagine the disappointment of seeing your family business close down in the midst of hard times.  With determination and a bank loan, Keith was able to save many of the machines he watched his father add to the company business over the last 30 years.  Converting his pole barn into a machine shop, he continued to run the shop as his father had all those years, servicing many of the same customers his father had. As the economy improved, so did business and Keith made a very smart business decision to purchase Dexter manufacturing when its doors were closing.  He is happy to continue providing reliable, friendly service to their customers as he always has for his own.  You may be wondering what kind of machine shop services Keith has been providing to his customers all of these years.  Services provided by Stillion Industries include turning, milling, and other services provided on the Okuma and other machines.  With the expansion of customers, Keith had two full-time employees and was ready to move the shop to a larger location.  Moving to its present location, Keith originally rented out two of the buildings in the 5 building complex.   In mid-2019 Keith changed the machine shop forever when he purchased yet another company and long-time customer  – Electro Arc manufacturing.  Electro Arc operations expanded the use of the company to all of the available buildings.  Electro Arc came with a lot of stock, and components turning Stillion Industries into a Michigan manufacturer overnight.  No longer creating just for others, Electro Arc and its two product lines became Stillion Industries’ largest clients machining 99% of the Ames portable hardness tester parts and 60% of the Electro Arc metal disintegrator components.  Additionally, Stillion Industries began making the molybdenum electrodes Electro Arc had been known for.   This addition was a huge challenge causing delays on new orders for months, a situation that was compounded when Covid hit.  Stillion Industries faced a number of other challenges in taking over Electro Arc operations, such as obsolete parts, which required research and development, staffing issues that necessitated outsourcing local contractors, and technical issues which came with lost website sales and created new service requirements. Now, having produced the Electro Arc line of metal disintegrators such as the model 2-S portable disintegrator for 3 years and producing the Ames Rockwell Portable Harness Tester operations have improved significantly.  With upgrades to our websites, you can now purchase Electro Arc accessories online as well as build a metal disintegrator to suit your needs.  All of the websites have been updated with chat features to offer better service and you will find the websites looking and operating better than before.  We published a new website in 2022, which is dedicated to providing technical assistance for metal disintegrator owners. You can rest assured that all of the products and services offered by Stillion Industries are made in Michigan.