Ames portable Hardness testers are lightweight and easy to handle. You can perform accurate, repeatable hardness tests wherever and whenever required. With these handheld testers, you never have to cut samples and send them to a big bench tester or a lab.

Ames accuracy has never changed and it never will.  Our hardness testers provide repeatability and traceability.  Ames tester results are guaranteed because we only supply and use specimens certified and traceable to the US Bureau of Standards. Built following NIST and ASTM E-100 standards. Guidelines for making hardness testing measurements directly in the Rockwell scale.  You don’t need a conversion chart, or calculation to use Ames portable hardness testers unless you are converting your results into Brinell.

Here’s How to Use our Rockwell-Brinell Conversion Chart:

You receive certified penetrators with every Ames Portable Hardness tester you purchase. Penetrations are of correct width and depth. Manufacturers worldwide are familiar with Standard E-100, defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as the accepted parameters for hardness testing using the Rockwell method. You will receive a signed certificate with each unit which reflects the painstaking process involving 70 to 100 separate readings prior to leaving our facility.  Every Ames Hardness Tester is individually calibrated to the Rockwell scales providing authentic dependable results every time.

Not Sure if You Should Use a Ball or Diamond Penetrator?

Each test block supplied is certified and provided to allow you o perform accuracy checks to maintain your Ames tester. Remember annual calibration is strongly recommended for proper maintenance of your tester whether you are using it daily or annually. Always send your tester to our repair department for repairs.

You can take fully-accurate readings on the inside surfaces of objects simply by switching the positions of the anvil and penetrator. Ames precision testers allow you to test directly on the plant floor.  Make sure your hardened machine cross-arms are checked before assembly.  You can test delivered metal before it even comes off the truck.  When you choose Ames, you choose accurate portable Rockwell hardness testing for every situation.

Learn More About Reversing the Anvil and Penetrator to Test Inside Surfaces: