General manufacturing covers all goods made in production for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing.  This field including hand-crafted and high-tech production is most commonly associated with industrial design which consists of raw materials from the primary sector of the economy being transformed into finished goods. Manufacturing of industrial goods internationally is an aggressive market. The state of the financial market and availability and condition of raw materials dictate how the manufacturing industry will perform annually. Manufacturers who compete on a global scale must maintain optimal output while reducing any halt in their assembly in addition to meeting expectations for price and quality of goods.

You can use Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators to repair and maintain your equipment and parts with minimal output of leftover material. Remove broken taps and drills quickly and efficiently, leaving the original hole and threads intact every time.  Use your Metal disintegrator in production maintenance, and repair your equipment by removing taps and drills in minutes.

Electro Arc Portable AC model 2-S Metal Disintegrator:

A variety of Electro Arc models may be suitable for your application in general manufacturing. Our model 2-SE tabletop metal disintegrator has a single-arm superstructure and a moderate 457 x 457MM (18″ x 18″) worktop. Just like our model 2-S with a small tabletop and cross-arm to provide you with a mobile work surface for small parts.   Standard with the Arc-er disintegrating head, you can upgrade to the IQ head on our model 2-SQT for larger range. Alternatively, you may prefer the fingertip controls and ease of head positioning which allows for quick setup with our Model 2-DVQT which features a vertical-plane double barrel superstructure for rigidity and an 813MM x 813MM (32″ x 32″) worktop.

Portable models like the 2-S are attractive in many workplace conditions which have limited space.  You will find the portable models provide the customizable power and execution you need in a compact and portable unit. You can mount the head on your Bridgeport, drill press, lathe or even a mill in a flash.

The Electro Arc Model 2-S can be used with a CNC machine, Bridgeport, directly on your workpiece, with a radial drill or lathe.

Past clients of Electro Arc Manufacturing Company were Sandvik, a multinational engineering group. With operations in tooling systems including metal cutting, and Also providing technical solutions in mining and rock excavation.  Whemco, a worldwide supplier of heavy industrial components for power generation, mining, metals, and the shipbuilding industries. As well as the Timken Company, a global industrial leader in engineering bearings, and power transmission product brands.