Heavy-duty equipment and machinery is classified as “off-road”, these massive vehicles are necessary for development, as a key component of infrastructure, things must be moved and lifted quickly and accurately.  Excavation for development or discovery sends us miles into the earth to discover and build. Innovation is upon us and we rely on off-road machinery like dump trucks, excavators, and cranes to take us there. When using off-road equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields you need high-quality, long-lasting, and powerful tools to keep your machines running. 

Tabletop Metal Disintegrators are great for Large Parts:

You can use our large tabletop metal disintegrators to remove broken taps and drills in engine blocks, heads, and power trains. Besides broken tooling, broken 10MM (3/8″) exhaust manifold studs are disintegrated and the old threads are cleaned in three and a half minutes.

Electro Arc Model HK-6VQT

You will want to use our largest tabletop metal disintegrators for jobs like these. The model H-K6VQT (referred to as the “Tap Zapper” in the past) features our IQ head which can handle small and up to 2 inch/50 mm diameter in one pass.  Standard with a 30-inch workspace you can request a custom tabletop. The model HK-10QT also features the IQ head and comes with a 20 KVA power supply for extra power.  The huge table is 46 by 25 inches and has a capacity of 8000 pounds with customizable table options as well. The Auto-Feed feature allows for hands-free operation and minimal electrode consumption for long-lasting use. and the ultimate 10SG are often used

Our Portable metal disintegrator unit line includes 2SQT which can be used to remove large and small broken taps and bolts in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for extremely large castings like the arms of bulldozers or radiator housings on the D10. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators are a tool for you to reduce waste. Remove broken taps and drills in minutes with little effort while leaving the original hole and threads intact.

The Electro Arc process:

Use our durable Metal disintegrators to remove broken rear wheel studs from large dump trucks quickly. Save customers thousands of dollars in just a few minutes with the Electro Arc process. 

Clients like Bobcat, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar and John Deere have experienced the benefits of our metal disintegrators for off-road applications

The Electro Arc process

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