Why you need a metal disintegrator in Manufacturing

General manufacturing covers all goods made in production for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing.  This field including hand-crafted and high-tech production is most commonly associated with industrial design which consists of raw materials from the primary sector of the economy being transformed into finished goods. Manufacturing of

The birth of Metal Disintegrators by Electro Arc

As Stillion Industries and Electro Arc celebrate dual anniversaries, a lot of research has exposed historic information about our Electro Arc line of metal disintegrators and the company. An accidental discovery of carbide impregnation through EDM had been untapped in the metalworking industry despite the discovery in the 1940s because it was such a new

Stillion Industries services Model F-5 Carbide Impregnators

Die-hard Electro Arc fans remember the Model F-5 Carbide impregnator, like the Cherry Rivet Division which found the F-5 extended the life between sharpenings on their drills by a factor of ten as mentioned in The Machinery article “Carbide impregnation – stepchild process with tremendous potential” published July 1971.  Spaulding Fibre company was also quoted