Did you know that Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc in 2019?  As you can imagine, with any new company purchasing another company there are a lot of new things to do and know.  The name Electro Arc is known worldwide as the world’s best metal disintegrator manufacturer.  This is because of the sturdy design long-lasting nature of this machine.  As with any good thing, we have made necessary improvements to the Electro Arc product line since we have taken over as the manufacturer. 

We have created new boards for our Auto-Feed feature and we have been researching to design our own pump to replace the pump we use in the machine since this machine has been hard to find since we took over.

Due to supply chain issues, we replaced a connector used in the vibration of your Arc-er disintegrating head.  This new part can be easily replaced and we provide detailed instructions to walk you through the process of upgrading your machine.  The new part number is A6113, for connector assembly, panel mount, Arc-er or Servo head vibration.  We will detail these instructions for you below, please read and understand them before you attempt any changes.  Do not make an attempt to make this modification if you are unclear or do not understand the instructions.  Consult with a licensed electrician if needed.

New pigtail adapter for Arc-er Head

15 Steps to Install the New Pigtail Adapter For Your Disintegrating Head:

Step 1

Turn off your machine.

Step 2

Disconnect power from the machine (refer to your company’s procedure for lock out tag out if needed.)

Step 3

Locate the ROUND 2 PIN connector on the back of your machineNote: your machine may have more or less connection points than the picture below.  There should only be a single two-pin connector.

Step 4

Remove the Allen drive button head screws on the outer edges of the back panel of the machine.


Step 5

Locate the two wires on the back side of the existing panel mount connector.  Note: wire colors may vary based on the age of your machine.

Step 6

Cut each wire roughly 2″ away from the existing connector.

Step 7

Unscrew the nut and lock washer from the back panel to remove your old connector.

Step 8

Insert the new connector into the existing hole and mark the 4 mounting holes.

Step 9

Drill 4 places with a 9/64″ (3.6mm) drill bit.  A center punch may help keep the drill bit on location.

Step 10

Install the 4 screws from the front face of the back panel and place a washer, then lock the washer and nut over the screw.  DO NOT overtighten, this will crack the plastic on the new connector.

Step 11

Strip back the wires from the hardness inside the machine cabinet.

Step 12

Connect the wires from the connector to the wires from the harness.  Polarity or color coordination does not matter for this.  A number of methods can be used so long as both wires are properly insulated from each other and from the machine cabinet.

Step 13

Reinstall the back panel of your machine using the button head screws.  Use caution to ensure no wires are pinched during reinstallation.

Step 14

Connect the vibration cord end from the Arc-er Head to the new panel mount connector.

Step 15

Reconnect power to the machine.  Consult your company’s lock out tag out procedure if needed.

If you have any questions about the installation of this new pigtail assembly, please contact Cody for Technical support on Electro Arc’s main line, his extension is 105, or email crobbins@electroarc.com