Stillion Industries is Celebrating 50 years of Business

When you hear the name Stillion, the first thing that should come to mind is Stillion Industries.  A southeast Michigan machine shop that has been providing service in Washtenaw County for 50 years this year!  A family business, you can count on Stillion Industries to provide the highest quality machining work.  Chuck Stillion started this small business in Ann Arbor on Dino Drive.  The company was passed from father to son in 2006. Stillion Industries expanded its operations by purchasing Dexter Manufacturing in 2013.  Again in 2019 by purchasing Electro Arc, a metal disintegrator manufacturer also based in the Ann Arbor area.   Electro Arc was a client of Stillion Industries machine shop for years before the company went up for sale and Keith Stillion decided to purchase it.  With the acquisition, we gained both the Electro Arc metal disintegrator product line of over 40 bespoke machines as well as the Ames product line of fine precision hardness testing instruments now machined in-house. Electro Arc is also celebrating a big anniversary this year.  75 years of Michigan-based design and innovation which has become an asset to industries worldwide!  Under the Electro Arc name, Ames Portable Hardness testers have also been manufactured by Electro Arc since 1975.  These two tools are dependable not only in name but in reputation as well.   Like Stillion Industries’ machining work, Electro Arc machines are built to last.  This makes the two companies a perfect complement to each other.  We take pride in the new Electro Arc products we now produce and strive to make them better so you can count on these machines for years to come as large and small shops worldwide have in the past. To celebrate this special double anniversary, Stillion Industries had an oldest machine contest in an attempt to make connections with old Electro Arc machine owners who are still running metal disintegrators made by the company in the 60s and 70s!  While the design has changed very little, the look of these machines has changed over time, you may see them with different cabinets or colors like green and blue!   With proper maintenance, these machines can last a lifetime!  As an Electro Arc machine owner, you can count on us for your machine maintenance, repair, and upgrade needs.   Every machine we sell comes with a one-year warranty.  Another promotion we are offering to celebrate is the model 1 Ames Portable Hardness Tester in its old wooden case.  This limited edition product is only available while supplies last!  We continue to offer repair and calibration services for testers with a model number of 12000 or newer.

We’re celebrating dual anniversaries in 2022!

Stillion Industries is 50 this year, and Electro Arc is 75 years Stillion Industries Stillion Industries started as a partner business, and was taken over by Chuck Stillion in 1972, he ran the business on Dino Drive in Ann Arbor until his son purchased the business from him in 2006. Electro Arc Electro Arc was started in Detroit Michigan in 1947, it moved to Ann Arbor about a year later and stayed there until it was purchased by Keith Stillion in 2019.  Chelsea Standard Newspaper Mention In the community In August 1989, Stillion Industries is mentioned as one of the local companies that contributed to Chelsea Fire Department’s Ladder 1 contributors. Stillion Industries listed in 1991 Palmer mentions Stillion Industries as one of the qualifying companies for an employee discount Stillion Employee in Community Project: Employee Chuck Waterbury is mentioned helping with a local project in connection with Stillion Industries Michigan-based, Michigan-made: Both Stillion Industries and Electro Arc started as and continued to operate as Michigan businesses. Stillion Industries celebrates 50 years Continuing the same great local service in the community, Stillion Industries is 50 years old in 2022! Electro Arc celebrates 75 years 75 years of Michigan-made high-quality metal disintegrators is a huge milestone for Electro Arc and Stillion!