Which Metal Disintegrator Should you Choose for your Application?

Electro Arc metal disintegrator applications are valuable across industries. Learn more about how investing in a metal disintegrator can save your company time and money for the life of your business. Electro Arc metal disintegrators are known to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Electro Arc metal disintegrators were developed as a solution for an aircraft manufacturer to remove broken bolts quickly and preserve expensive parts. Trusted by the US government since the 1950s, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are mentioned in a publication from the United States Navy Training Course Handbook in 1954 as an alternative method to remove broken studs, taps, reamers, and other broken tooling.   Tap disintegrators are mentioned again in the Machinery and Repair book from 1981. Electro Arc metal disintegrators such as the AC portable model 2-SB are used in Military applications to repair submarines and aircraft. This machine is specifically designed to fit through circular bulkhead openings of submarines and vessels. You can use these machines to disintegrate broken tooling on hangar doors, propulsion, and machinery. Having one of these machines on board your craft will provide your maintenance staff with a powerful solution for quick repairs to keep you on schedule. Portable Metal Disintegrators for use in Small Spaces, and Off-Road Applications: You may prefer a Portable Metal Disintegrator in your small shop or for use in a confined space. You can easily move these machines directly to the workpiece, Models like the 2-S and 2-SB are equipped with the Arc-er disintegrating head, which you can chuck up to  your machine tools such as a drill press or lathe. Choose the model 3-S as a cost-effective option for infrequent use.  You can use these models to disintegrate 3/4 inch tooling. The portable model 2-SQT offers you the same portability as the model 2-S with the heavy-duty IQ precision disintegrating head. Use the IQ disintegrating head for a large variety of tap sizes. You can disintegrate 0-80″ up to two inches with our 20 KVA option. The DC portable model X-1 is popular in mining,  and may appeal to you for use if you have an Electric company or need to perform wind turbine repair. You can easily equip a service truck with this model and use a generator for repairs to off-road vehicles as well. https://youtu.be/2Bpu0RkwcUE Tabletop Metal Disintegrators for Applications from Die repair to Production Maintenance: For larger parts, AC or DC tabletop models offer a range of tabletop sizes, the option of the Arc-er or IQ disintegrating heads for AC models, and the standard or short Servo head for DC models. Tabletop models are convenient if you would like to bring your broken tooling to the disintegrator or want to have a dedicated location for disintegrating. Our largest standard tabletop allows you to put up to 8000 pounds on it. The tabletop model 1-SVQT is a popular option for aerospace companies to remove broken tooling from production parts and prototypes alike. From larger shops to production facilities, these tabletop models offer a large range of applications. Craft manufacturers for air and sea find our metal disintegrators to be the quickest way to remove broken bolts that occur in the new ship assembly process. If you produce large ships, submarines, aircraft, or aerospace vehicles, replacement parts are not likely to be budgeted into your product. The fast removal of broken drills, reamers, etc, is a key component to maintaining production schedules. Recommended in the 1954 edition of BuDecks Technical Digest No. 41, Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are suggested for use in Manufacturing to preserve expensive castings by removing broken dies, taps, and drills while preserving the surrounding metal. Repair Engines and offer Broken Bolt Removal Services in your shop: An article published in Popular Hotrodding in 1983 illustrates how Electro Arc’s metal disintegrators are an asset to machine shops and mechanics alike for removing damaged bolts from engine parts without damage to the engine components. Your Machine shop can offer bolt extraction services removing a large range of broken tooling sizes ranging from .080 all the way up to 2 inches. Car manufacturing companies and repair shops alike use portable metal disintegrators as a key component in their facilities. You will want to choose the Bolt Eater for removal of 1/2 inch and larger bolts.  This machine was used by Sci-tech Engineering services for mobile metal disintegration services.  It was also mentioned in the 1986 issue of NASA Tech Briefs.  This machine gives you the ability to machine fully hardened materials including high-tensile steels.  You can cut different hole shapes with special-order graphite electrodes.  The body of your workpiece will be unaffected by thermal stresses due to the water coolant. Popular applications for the Bolt Eater include: a) Power (Nuclear, fossil fuel and gas)Example: Seized stud removal from the underside of a steam turbine inceptor valve. Also used to remove seized dowels from a gas turbine castingb)On & Off Shore Oil Rigs Example: Removed seized bolts from anchor winches of a drilling rigc) Oil Refineriesd) Mining (Heavy Trucks and carbide buttons)e) Marine (diesel, steam, submarine)Example: Machined high chrome studs from a turbine casting.  Also used to remove sheared diesel engine cylinder head studs. You can also use the Bolt Eater to obtain core samples, for example, this metal disintegrator was used to remove a 1.5″ diameter metallurgical core sample from a suspect weld on a boiler steam header. Regardless of your application, one thing is for sure, Electro Arc metal disintegrators are your best solution for prompt results. Your production facility can maintain strict work schedules by reducing downtime related to broken bolts and screws. These machines are known to last more than a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Companies generally report recouping the cost of their machine in one year. Companies that lose thousands of dollars related to broken tooling have reported recouping the cost in a day! You can rely on Electro Arc to support your machine for its lifetime with consumables, service, repair, and technical support.