You Need a Metal Disintegrator in the Gas and Oil industry

“Black gold” the commodity our world has come to covet is extracted, refined, and transported by the oil industry providing fuel, gasoline, and petroleum a raw material used for a variety of products from pharmaceuticals to fertilizer.  Machines and facilities essential to the process of producing and distributing these materials require continual maintenance and repair to maintain equipment. Your energy company can use Electro Arc metal disintegrators to remove rusted bolts on pipeline flanges. 19MM (¾”) bolts are removed quickly without risk of damage to the hole or flange. Our metal disintegrators are used on offshore oil rigs to remove bent and frozen bolts and provide general maintenance. You can use our DC metal disintegrators like the portable model 2-SC to disintegrate carbide buttons in drill heads in 12 to 15 minutes. You can easily install new bits and re-manufactured heads once the broken bits are cleared away. Save good bits by disintegrating the material around the bit so they can be taken out and re-installed in a good head. Popular models with our gas and oil clients include the Electro Arc model 2SAC featuring the Arc-er head which has a built-in intuitive LED power indicator for a user-friendly control process.  Upgrade your power supply for larger diameter removal.  The Arc-er head can also be used with other machine tools or you can use it with one of our magnetic fixtures. The Bolt Eater is a portable disintegrator for large bolt removal.  This machine comes equipped with a permanent magnetic base with 3000 pounds of holding power, includes the servo feed for hands free use and includes a remote control. Companies like Texaco, BP, Cameron and Mobile have relied on Electro Arc metal disintegrators to get the job done.