Stillion Industries and Electro Arc 3 year update

Stillion Industries was closed down for nearly a month in 2020 due to Covid-19.  This was a huge blow to our business less than a year after purchasing Electro Arc Manufacturing, the original Metal Disintegrator manufacturer.  Based in Ann Arbor Michigan since its inception in 1947, Electro Arc has been a top US producer for metal disintegrators worldwide.  By joining forces and continuing the legacy established by Electro Arc, Stillion Industries is providing top-quality machining services and its lines of products. We are still recovering from the loss of customers, changes in supply chain, and product availability. As a local manufacturer for the Washtenaw county local community, Stillion Industries has been dedicated to supporting fellow local businesses in our 50 years of business.  We source as many items locally as possible, if not in the southeast Michigan area, then from the United States. Chuck Stillion, the founder of Stillion Industries, and Keith Stillion, the current owner are both dedicated to supporting the local community. Stillion Industries often provides discounted services to local farmers. We are grateful to our hardworking employees who have continued to work with us through this difficult transition.  We understand that many people’s lives have been changed forever and that includes the lives of our employees and owner. Long-time Electro Arc employees Tim Kinser and Doug Peterson retired in 2022. In addition to providing their line of Metal disintegrators, Stillion Industries is proud to manufacture the Ames line of portable hardness testers.  You may choose to purchase any of the Ames products online or give us a call to determine which product is best for you. Stillion Industries has been working hard to improve these products and the customer experience. This year, Stillion Industries celebrates 75 years in business and Electro Arc turns 75! In late 2021, Shadow our shop cat went missing which was very sad for all of the staff. After months, and assuming the worst, Keith agreed to get new shop cats for pest control. We welcomed two kittens into the shop in March 2022 and named them for our product lines: Ames and Electro. Much to everyone’s dismay, Shadow showed back up to work this spring and was not happy to find her little replacements. They have managed to coexist, but they are not friends (Shadow won’t allow it). You may have noticed that we have made a number of updates to our online presence in the last 3 years. The Stillion Industries website just underwent its second major redesign, both Electro Arc and Ames websites experienced some serious problems as we returned from the covid shutdown, and we hired a full-time marketing person to redesign and maintain the websites as well as manage our social media and online presence. You will notice more products available for purchase online, including Electro Arc accessories. Every website has a chat feature so you can reach out to us during our business hours. We have also added more contact forms for ease of contact online. We also added a new website as a resource for Electro Arc machine owners.

Using a Metal Disintegrator for Off Road Applications

Heavy-duty equipment and machinery is classified as “off-road”, these massive vehicles are necessary for development, as a key component of infrastructure, things must be moved and lifted quickly and accurately.  Excavation for development or discovery sends us miles into the earth to discover and build. Innovation is upon us and we rely on off-road machinery like dump trucks, excavators, and cranes to take us there. When using off-road equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields you need high-quality, long-lasting, and powerful tools to keep your machines running.  Tabletop Metal Disintegrators are great for Large Parts: You can use our large tabletop metal disintegrators to remove broken taps and drills in engine blocks, heads, and power trains. Besides broken tooling, broken 10MM (3/8″) exhaust manifold studs are disintegrated and the old threads are cleaned in three and a half minutes. You will want to use our largest tabletop metal disintegrators for jobs like these. The model H-K6VQT (referred to as the “Tap Zapper” in the past) features our IQ head which can handle small and up to 2 inch/50 mm diameter in one pass.  Standard with a 30-inch workspace you can request a custom tabletop. The model HK-10QT also features the IQ head and comes with a 20 KVA power supply for extra power.  The huge table is 46 by 25 inches and has a capacity of 8000 pounds with customizable table options as well. The Auto-Feed feature allows for hands-free operation and minimal electrode consumption for long-lasting use. and the ultimate 10SG are often used Our Portable metal disintegrator unit line includes 2SQT which can be used to remove large and small broken taps and bolts in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for extremely large castings like the arms of bulldozers or radiator housings on the D10. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators are a tool for you to reduce waste. Remove broken taps and drills in minutes with little effort while leaving the original hole and threads intact. The Electro Arc process: Use our durable Metal disintegrators to remove broken rear wheel studs from large dump trucks quickly. Save customers thousands of dollars in just a few minutes with the Electro Arc process.  Clients like Bobcat, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar and John Deere have experienced the benefits of our metal disintegrators for off-road applications

Ames Delivers Portablitity and Precision in One Package

Ames portable Hardness testers are lightweight and easy to handle. You can perform accurate, repeatable hardness tests wherever and whenever required. With these handheld testers, you never have to cut samples and send them to a big bench tester or a lab. Ames accuracy has never changed and it never will.  Our hardness testers provide repeatability and traceability.  Ames tester results are guaranteed because we only supply and use specimens certified and traceable to the US Bureau of Standards. Built following NIST and ASTM E-100 standards. Guidelines for making hardness testing measurements directly in the Rockwell scale.  You don’t need a conversion chart, or calculation to use Ames portable hardness testers unless you are converting your results into Brinell. Here’s How to Use our Rockwell-Brinell Conversion Chart: You receive certified penetrators with every Ames Portable Hardness tester you purchase. Penetrations are of correct width and depth. Manufacturers worldwide are familiar with Standard E-100, defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as the accepted parameters for hardness testing using the Rockwell method. You will receive a signed certificate with each unit which reflects the painstaking process involving 70 to 100 separate readings prior to leaving our facility.  Every Ames Hardness Tester is individually calibrated to the Rockwell scales providing authentic dependable results every time. Not Sure if You Should Use a Ball or Diamond Penetrator? Each test block supplied is certified and provided to allow you o perform accuracy checks to maintain your Ames tester. Remember annual calibration is strongly recommended for proper maintenance of your tester whether you are using it daily or annually. Always send your tester to our repair department for repairs. You can take fully-accurate readings on the inside surfaces of objects simply by switching the positions of the anvil and penetrator. Ames precision testers allow you to test directly on the plant floor.  Make sure your hardened machine cross-arms are checked before assembly.  You can test delivered metal before it even comes off the truck.  When you choose Ames, you choose accurate portable Rockwell hardness testing for every situation. Learn More About Reversing the Anvil and Penetrator to Test Inside Surfaces:

How does Electro Arc Hold Up to the Competition?

When it comes to competition, no other metal disintegrator manufacturer has the expertise or experience that Electro Arc has as the first and oldest metal disintegrator Manufacturer in the world. Learn more about the history of Electro Arc’s history with EDM. In 2022 Electro Arc is celebrating 75 years. Many metal disintegrator manufacturers have come and gone over the years, quite a few of those companies were purchased by Electro Arc. Electro Arc is the only company to offer both AC and DC power options for our metal disintegration machines. In 2004, when we purchased Uni-Tek we began offering DC machines, including the Bolt Eater, our most powerful portable metal disintegrator. DC metal disintegrators are a must for your broken carbide tooling!  Our Metal disintegration machine design is durable enough to last for generations and simple enough to be used without any special instruction. As we celebrate 75 years we have been on a mission to find the oldest working Electro Arc machine. So far, the oldest working Electro Arc machine is from 1951, do you have an older machine? What are the Differences between Electro Arc and other metal disintegrator manufacturers? With over 40 models to choose from our selection far exceeds the competition. You will easily find a machine that fits your needs by using our new machine builder. This feature takes you through the steps of choosing the perfect metal disintegrator for your application! With machines that last a lifetime, you know what to expect. We continue to support all used machines for both Electro Arc and Uni-tek models to help you repair and refurbish your old machines. You will find other metal disintegration machines may have a disintegration head smaller than ours.  The smaller design may initially be appealing for certain applications. The swivel head you get with these machines does not allow for the level of precision you get with an Electro Arc machine.  Our disintegrating heads are specialized with an electro-mechanical system providing precision and a long-lasting head. These heads can be used at any angle and provide a smooth and accurate feed.  Unlike competitors’ air-driven heads, our disintegrating heads are not susceptible to corrosion caused by foreign partials and moisture. Additionally, these machines do not meet the same time standards we provide for our metal disintegration results and users tend to be disappointed that they are not long-lasting machines. As with most machines, this specialty tool is heavy-duty equipment. Electro Arc metal disintegrators weigh a lot and have multiple components.  That’s why every one of our Metal disintegrators is portable. We market our machines in two categories – portable and tabletop. Even with a tabletop model, you get a heavy-duty cart designed to house all of the components as the cabinet for your machine. Easily store your collets and Electrodes in our drawer or cabinet.  Competitors may provide a hand cart, but not one designed for the machine tooling and provisions, thus making moving the machine cumbersome. Since Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc, we have continued to improve the design of Electro Arc metal disintegrators by offering necessary changes to continue to support your older models as well as provide the reliable metal disintegrators you expect when you purchase a new Electro Arc machine.

How can you remove dowel pins?

If you are in any type of manufacturing whether you use metal or wood, chances are you have encountered some type of broken fastener in your line of work.  You may have encountered broken bolts, broken taps, broken screws, broken pins, or broken dowels.  Today we will discuss removing broken dowel pins. See Dowel Pins Removed with an Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator: As you probably know if you are reading this article, dowel pins are solid, headless cylindrical rods most often used in conjunction with socket screws. You may also be using dowel screws or dowel pin reamers. Dowels serve many functions they can ensure you put the gasket on correctly and hold the gasket in place.  They also serve to align and prevent “walking” on heating and cooling cycles. Chances are if you work in the manufacturing industry, or you may work with automotive, farm, aviation, construction, or other industrial equipment you work with dowel pins in some facet. You probably also know the headache associated with a broken dowel.  You may be here because you need help getting a broken dowel pin out of a camshaft, need to know how to remove a broken steel dowel pin, or maybe you are wondering how to extract a blind/broken dowel pin from a flywheel. Whatever the case we know that a dowel pin may fail after many years of service as they tend to get brittle. In the Below Example, a Pin is Removed Using A Metal Disintegrator: The hardness of the broken metal dowel pin is a key factor to ease of removal and time spent in the process.  You are likely working with a work-hardened metal. If you are working with a drill, removing a broken dowel pin may take hours.  Not to mention, you will dull your drill in the process. If you are removing a broken dowel in a hole, you will have to replace the dowel.  The process of removing the broken dowel will likely destroy it.  Using heat and cold processes may be successful in removing your broken dowel, however, this process requires very accurate timing and great care to ensure only the dowel is affected. Manual removal of a stuck dowel pin If you decide to manually remove the dowel pin, this could be a lengthy process and will likely ruin the dowel pin.  If you are removing a broken dowel pin from a block you have several options.  You may choose to heat the block around the dowel and use vice grips to remove the broken dowel pin.  If that doesn’t work, you should be able to drive them out the back using a 5/16 bolt that is just long enough to reach the dowel from the back side then hammer the bolt.  A more complicated option would be to use a Dremel to notch the pin on the sides, then drill a hole in the top.  You must be careful not to weaken the pin by removing too much of it because it will break.  Then you will need piano wire and a crescent wrench.  Loop the piano wire through the center while holding the flattened sides with the crescent wrench wiggle to remove. So what if you don’t have several hours to dedicate to the removal of your broken dowel pin?  Removing a broken dowel pin manually can add hours to your billing. You may not have the additional time or budget to dedicate to this tedious process, especially since it destroys the dowel pin anyway.  Electro Arc’s products are designed to remove broken screws, bolts, and drills in minutes. Our metal disintegrators have been getting the job done in minutes for 75 years!

How Covid Changed Stillion Industries 2020 was a difficult year for most businesses, especially in manufacturing.  Covid-19 has changed everything from how we communicate to how we work and live. Now two years later, we are still experiencing difficulty with supply chain issues and the economy has created the necessity to raise our prices. We are so appreciative of, all of our staff, community support and the ability to continue offering products and services.  We also appreciate all of you and your patience during our downtime and with delays in fulfilling orders. While we did fall behind in production during the Covid-19 shut down we have found a new normal in meeting the needs of our customers.  The challenges we endured inspired improvements to our processes to minimize problems in the future. Another setback we experienced was problems with our websites for both Electro Arc and Ames Testers. Since then we have improved our websites and social media presence to provide you with updates and inside looks at the company and our products. We have also expanded our online shopping options to allow you to purchase accessory items for Electro Arc accessories in addition to the Ames products that have been available to purchase online for some time. Improvements to the websites include a live chat, more resources for machine owners, and a 75-year retrospect of Electro Arc’s history. You may have also noticed our new machine builder which helps you determine which metal disintegrator can best meet your needs, allowing you to compare the 40+ custom metal disintegrator options that we offer and the advantages of those machines on Electro Arc sites. Try the New Machine Builder to Choose the Right Metal Disintegrator for your Application! Check out our Social media profiles and please follow us! Facebook Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Instagram Tiktok As you may know, the Electro Arc and Ames product lines joined our company in mid-2019.  We have since made improvements to the product lines due to the lack of availability of necessary components, obsolescence and to assist in efficiency.  We look forward to continuing to offer the reliable products associated with these brand names and producing these products in Michigan is our pride.  Stillion Industries has been offering Michigan based machine services for 50 years now, and Electro Arc products have been made in Michigan for 75 years.

Maintain the Highest Quality with Metal Disintegrators in Space Applications

When it comes to Aerospace accuracy is essential.  You can count on our metal disintegrators to deliver accuracy in your industrial applications with aerospace production. Aerospace organizations may conduct research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and spacecraft.  The Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the largest consumers of aerospace products in the United States.  Due to strict guidelines, parts and repairs must be certified for use.  Electro Arc has experience with government contracts and all of our products meet the highest guidelines. Bolts and nuts may fail in aerospace applications due to a variety of factors. Higher-strength bolts which are harder, tend to be more susceptible to failure. Fatigue, fractures, and cracks can lead to bolt failure causing bolts to break. Vibration fatigue, corrosion, and fretting wear can result from temperature swings and load transmissions in the normal operation of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. As a time-sensitive and in-demand industry, there is no question why companies in these industries would want an Electro Arc metal disintegrator to assist with the replacement and repairs of broken bolt issues. If you are Manufacturing parts and equipment in the aerospace industry, you are producing massive vessels. When it comes to building space vehicles, airplanes, guided missiles,  propulsion units, and aircraft engines precision, quality, and consistency are required. Maintain the highest quality level by removing broken drills, taps, and rivets from production parts such as engines, wings, and landing gear with ease and speed. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators will assist you in generating less scrap and sticking to your stringent timelines.  You will find Electro Arc metal disintegrators essential in maintaining your production equipment and aircraft by removing broken rivets and distorted or frozen bolts in minutes. You will probably prefer our Electro Arc model 2-S portable metal disintegrator for use in aerospace applications. Equipped with the mini-magnetic fixture it is perfect for use in hard-to-reach places. When you need maximum portable power, our newest model the Bolt Eater perfect for general purposes. Use this heavy-duty metal disintegrator to remove broken large drills, bolts, taps, and more on your production parts and prototypes. Electro Arc Manufacturing has a history of working with NASA, North West Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Boeing.

Is it time to get your Ames Hardness Tester Calibrated?

All Ames harness testers are built to meet or exceed ASTM Standard E-110  Behind each signed certificate that comes with each hardness tester is an intricate process. We calibrate each hardness tester using a process involving between 70 and 100 separate readings for standard testers and several hundred separate readings for each electronic tester. Our standard testers read in the B and C scales; the Superficial models read in the N and T scales; and the electronic models read in eight selectable scales: A, B, C, E, 15T, 30T, 15N and 30N. Accuracy checks for your AMES Hardness Testers All AMES Hardness Testers, whether you are using it constantly or not, require accuracy checks. You can easily check the accuracy by taking several readings on the test block. The readings on the barrel dial should agree with the marking on the test block. You can rely on Ames Certified Test Blocks for accurate results An important reminder, you should always apply the penetrator to the same side of the test block, on areas not marked by previous tests only. When you cannot be certain of placing the penetrator on a perfectly unaffected part of the surface, you need a new test block. Ames offers a variety of traceable, certified blocks. Ames sterilized and traceable test blocks are available in all scales. Your Ames Hardness tester should be factory re-calibrated once a year Stillion Industries provides calibration and repair services for testers manufactured by Electro Arc.  We also continue to manufacture new Ames portable hardness testers for purchase.  Hardness tester calibration verifies the accuracy of your hardness tester.  Please contact us for repair or calibration service for your tester. 7 Things you can expect when your Ames Hardness tester is re-calibrated or repaired: * You will be notified of the condition of the tester and any potential issues so that you can make a decision regarding the repair. We make every effort to expedite all calibration and repair services. Please note, We do charge a $150 non-refundable repair evaluation fee. This fee will be applied to your repairs. Be sure to check if your tester is eligible for repair.

Why Electro Arc Molybdenum Electrodes are Unique

Molybdenum (Moly) Electrodes Can be Used in a Vast Array of Applications Electro Arc Recommends Moly Electrodes Because They Last Longer Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators can use any material that conducts electricity as an electrode. However, different materials offer varying levels of efficiency in the process. These materials include Copper, Molybdenum, and Graphite electrodes.  Any tubing material that conducts an electrical current can be used as an electrode. However, ELECTRO ARC molybdenum electrodes are recommended because of their high melting point, low erosion, and high conductivity which deliver maximum performance. It is important to use an electrode material that breaks down less than the workpiece. Materials with low melting points, such as copper, erode as rapidly as the work material, requiring frequent replacement,  increasing your labor cost.  Graphite can be excellent for applications which require shaped holes and to cut at high-temperature applications.  The issue of which material is most efficient in the metal disintegration process has always been a hot topic among metal disintegrator manufacturers.  Elox recommended the use of copper electrodes because of their lower cost.  They also argue that moly electrodes tend to split at smaller diameters and can become jagged which is easy to drill away. Uni-Tek often sided with Elox regarding copper electrodes saying that they are preferred for use with EDM machines and DC machines because they are highly conductive and fast cutting. Copper electrodes will usually cut most types of work. Molybdenum electrodes have always been recommended for use with Electro Arc metal disintegrators because of their high melting temperature which outperforms other electrode materials.  Electro Arc provides molybdenum electrodes in a variety of sizes and lengths; most electrode sizes are available in 6″, 9″, or 12″  length.  You can use a 12″ long electrode to remove 35 to 40 taps on average.  Special electrodes can be made, including custom sizes and lengths.  Please contact us with your specifications. Electrodes for your Electro Arc metal disintegrator are available in Molybdenum (moly), Copper, Carbon, Graphite, and Copper Tungsten. Electrodes are available in standard round or square, hex and in special shapes.  Graphite electrodes are recommended for use with production hole work, large quantities of studs, and special applications where the hole definition is critical.  They are also helpful in creating shaped holes and disintegrating at a larger diameter.  Moly is especially beneficial when cutting broken carbide tooling. Electro Arc provides sizing charts of the appropriate electrode diameter for a variety of tap and drill sizes, for use in removing bolts, spiral, pipe, and heli-tap taps when using AC machines, DC machines, and The Bolt Eater. AC Selector chart DC Selector Chart Bolt Eater Selector Chart Sizing Electrodes for your job: The EDM cutting process has the over-cut phenomenon which you need to consider when sizing your electrodes.  Over-cut is the distance between the electrode and the workpiece after machining has taken place.  In general metal disintegrators have an over-cut range of .003 inches to .008 inches per side.  You can determine the over-cut using the following machine settings: Cutting power selection (voltage) Feed Rate (cutting amperage) Head vibration selection You can combine 1 and 2 to increase or decrease your over-cut, and feed rate will have little effect on the over-cut. For example, if you are cutting a 1-inch square hole in hardened steel, you will want to use a square electrode .984″ x .984″ and adjust the cutting power in the higher range to achieve a .008″ per side over-cut.  You can reduce the over-cut and achieve a smoother finish by reducing your cutting power.  This will extend your cutting time.  The depth of your cut and wear ratio of the electrode to workpiece will determine the actual length of electrode you need. You will need a shank for any electrode larger than .312 because it will not fit in our collet.  You can also use an extension for deeper holes.  Shanks are brazed using steel shanks for moly and copper or brass for copper tubing.  Electro Arc Electrodes are Part Number 1602-06 through A1746, you can request a quote for electrodes online, and you can purchase collets and other accessories for your Electro Arc metal disintegrator through our website. Shop for Electro Arc Accessories: Spindle Adapter Collet Graphite Electrode Holders

Now Shop Ames and Electro Arc products in one place

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase Ames and Electro Arc products in the same place!  As an alternative to our and websites, you may now purchase both Ames and Electro Arc products directly from Stillion Industries’ website!  We have updated our website and we have also included an online store, making it more convenient for you to purchase from us. Not Sure if you Need a Standard or Superficial hardness Tester? You can purchase everything from our limited edition Ames portable hardness tester in its original wood box to the accessories for your Electro Arc metal disintegrator including a new Arc-er Head. Last year we sold the first refurbished Electro Arc metal disintegrator. A model 2-SE metal disintegrator was purchased and upgraded to the model 2-SEQT.   We may offer refurbished metal disintegrators in the future. We are stillloffering a limited amount of the Ames model 1 testers in the original wood box.  Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!  Ames portable hardness testers have been made by Electro Arc since the company was purchased in 1975, now owned by Stillion Industries these testers are made 99% in our machine shop and are assembled and tested right here in Dexter Michigan.  While you cannot purchase calibration or repair services online, you can reach out to our staff via chat or form through this website or our respective websites for each product line. Why are we selling a refurbished machine online?  At Stillion Industries, we understand that not every shop that needs a metal disintegrator can afford to purchase a new one, we also understand that sometimes you need a metal disintegrator quickly.  You can purchase this fully refurbished machine, only used twice by its original owner for a fraction of the cost of a new one and we will ship it as soon as you pay.   Shop Ames Shop Electro Arc Standard Portable Rockwell Testers 8 products Electro Arc Accessories 81 products Purchase Ames testers, test blocks, penetrators, and other Ames portable hardness products with Electro Arc products like coolant splash bags and magnetic pick sets together in the same cart. Rest easy that you are purchasing products made in Michigan from Stillion Industries. Check out the Model 2-SE below: