We are excited to announce that you can now purchase Ames and Electro Arc products in the same place!  As an alternative to our Amestesters.com and ElectroArc.com websites, you may now purchase both Ames and Electro Arc products directly from Stillion Industries’ website!  We have updated our website and we have also included an online store, making it more convenient for you to purchase from us.

You can purchase everything from our limited edition Ames portable hardness tester in its original wood box to the refurbished 2-SE metal disintegrator available for purchase online complete with a 1-year warranty just like any other machine you would purchase from Electro Arc.  This is the first metal disintegrator we have offered for sale online and the first refurbished metal disintegrator Electro Arc has ever offered for sale.

We are offering a limited amount of the Ames model 1 testers in the original wood box.  Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!  Ames portable hardness testers have been made by Electro Arc since the company was purchased in 1975, now owned by Stillion Industries these testers are made 99% in our machine shop and are assembled and tested right here in Dexter Michigan.  While you cannot purchase calibration or repair services online, you can reach out to our staff via chat or form through this website or our respective websites for each product line.

Why are we selling a refurbished machine online?  At Stillion Industries, we understand that not every shop that needs a metal disintegrator can afford to purchase a new one, we also understand that sometimes you need a metal disintegrator quickly.  You can purchase this fully refurbished machine, only used twice by its original owner for a fraction of the cost of a new one and we will ship it as soon as you pay.  

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Purchase Ames testers,,test blocks, penetrators and other Ames portable hardness products with Electro Arc products like coolant, splash bags and magnetic pick sets together in the same cart. Rest easy that you are purchasing products made in Michigan from Stillion Industries.

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